"Someone offered me X and I'm waiting for X to gather funds"

Bit of a rant… So, I’ve gotten this a couple times when making offers. I make and offer on a listing, and I’m declined and the seller tells me someone has already offered more, even on items that have sat on eBay for 6 months. This is an extremely easy way to destroy my confidence on making offers or bids on a seller’s listings…

I feel its both disrespectful to the person making the offer, as it serves nothing over a blank decline except to feel like conning them into offering more; and to person the item is being held for if its actually being held for them if the seller tries to pit the two people against each-other. I do understand not reserving an item for someone, this angle is more on the communication.

I dunno, maybe I’m way off base here…

if the zombie apocalypse ever happens i’m taking you with me for an infinite supply of salt.


You’re not alone @nysyr

I hate when I submit an offer only for it to be declined without any explanation and/or counter-offer. And don’t even get me started on eBay’s Auto-Decline… Generally, I am willing to pay a little more than my original offer; however, if I make an offer and one of these things happen, I’m just moving onto the next listing.

from the other side tho its kinda annoying when people offer you 5% of the buyitnow price then after a decline go up like 10cent… the amount of offers i get that are like £3 for something like a psa9 base charizard is crazy.

I also tell people i have had higher offers so the person doesnt have to waste their time doing 2 more offers adding 25cent extra each time lol

am i a horrible person? :grin:


To be fair though, if I have a BIN best offer for $100 and someone offers me $15, I am going to decline and not going to counteroffer or provide explanation. Simply because I don’t feel like putting in any more effort than a single click for someone who clearly isn’t a serious buyer.


It’s wise to give others’ the benefit of the doubt and not just assume they are being deceptive.

It could very possibly be the case that someone did offer him a higher offer and he’s just informing you of that fact.

Or he could be saying that to try to get you to offer more.

Either way, why are you getting upset?

Would you be happy if someone was lying to you?

Just decline with no reason, rather than have buyers think you’re conning them, Especially if its on eBay since we can see offers made.

Edit: To clarify, these were strong offers on niche items with no sales that sat on eBay for months, and will likely still sit there.

I made such an offer on a card for $525 for example, which is still up there to this day. The card has many sales between $300-$400 now, and I just ignore the sellers other listings.

@oldskoolpokemon If every buyer were like you I would remove all auto declines! However as @teraz mentioned, the $15 offers on $100 items are too frequent, especially when you have 100’s of items.


Maybe it I was certain they were lying, but are you?

I would be more unhappy if I was being honest with someone and they thought I was lying.

I completely understand where you’re coming from!

As a seller myself, I face the same situation. And it’s not just a few odd-ball offers every once in awhile; unfortunately, it’s something that occurs all the time! I take a different approach though and counter-offer everything at least once. You’re correct with most situations - the “buyer” is not serious and will either just decline the counter-offer or submit another ridiculous offer. In that case, I’ll just decline the the second offer and move-on. However, there are also a few situations where a buyer will submit that same ridiculously low offer - to which I counter-offer. The buyer will then turn-around and submit another legitimate offer - and we’re eventually able to reach an agreement.

Sure, this system does require more time and effort (a lot of time / effort if you consider over the course of a month or year) - and the majority of these situations are in-fact the first example. It’s really just preference though - and how much time / effort you have / are willing to devote to eBay. Personally, the time-factor really isn’t an issue - and I strive to run my eBay Business from the buyer-standpoint. I can’t stand when seller’s do that to me, so I avoid doing this to other people.

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I feel it. If I were a proper seller, I would likely follow your methods. However, I’m really just a casual seller (<$1000 /month) and it’s not much that negotiating takes too much time, it’s more I just have no interest in responding to some buyers. Let’s call it grumpiness.

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I didn’t use to put auto declines but too many people were either lowballers or were goofing off so I started AD.

I put my auto declines well below what I would really accept just for negotiation sake. If someone offers below that, well, they aren’t my type of customer so I prefer they move on and bother someone else.

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As a buyer I like auto decline a lot because it means I don’t have to waste my time anxiously waiting for a reply when it would otherwise just be turned down.

Also on this topic, I don’t appreciate that you have to commit to a purchase when you submit an offer.

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I’m one of the people who straight decline without a counter offer

I really dislike the bartering/bargaining/‘trying to get items for as cheap as possible’ involved in a listing with a best offer option, often people will message me asking what’s the deal when they get straight declined, I tell them, just offer what you’re willing to pay, if its a good enough offer, I’ll accept, if not and I decline your top dollar offer, we were never going to reach a deal anyway.