so today

my psa 10 Sabrina’s Espeon arrived
also I bought a bulk lot of pokemon battlecoins, anyone collect these or are into these?

Depends. Do you have any Gyarados ones?

Also, congrats on the PSA 10 Sabrina’s Espeon! I have yet to see an Espeon card where I didn’t absolutely fall in love with the artwork.

Yea I aGREE espeons always deliver ;D

and yea I do have a gyarados one but I don’t know which case it is in yet ;p

Welp! If you can provide a picture of any of the ones you do have, I very well might be interested. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever since the first Espeon card came out, it instantly became my favorite Eevolution:

You should start uploading pics!

Are they battrio coins? Do you have anything but the pokeball ones? Like maybe ultra balls or master balls?