So close yet so far...

As much as I’d like to update with something complete, I feel like I’ve been away from this section for too long. You guys have got to feel my pain on this one!

I’m missing hust one card!!! (lolz)


wow so nice… well done man. Very jelly.

What are you missing? Shining Gyarados Japanese?

No, it’s the Shining Tyranitar! lol I just had to get the promo Magikarp as a bonus to the set. I’m not going for the Japanese neo 3&4 shinings though.

I got the only one that matters! The Magikarp! :grin:

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very truuuuue.

Farout, herp derp for me… I should of known tyranitar was missing off the top of my head, it just wasn’t clicking…

Love the collection! :grin:

Thanks! I’m really trying to have this done by the end of the year so hopefully I can find that t-tar soon.