So Annoying

So I had been talking with a seller about buying some Fossil Blister packs (this is a new seller with 0 feedback). He had them listed around market price and had them all listed individually. We had been talking for a couple days and we agreed on a discounted price if I was to buy the entire lot of them (8 blisters). He told me he had them stored away, but was not super into pokemon and was looking to sell them all so it was looking to be legit and then I purchased them. After purchase I messaged him and he said they would be sent out within the next day or so. I wake up the next morning and he has canceled my order and refunded me with the reason “I no longer have this product”, and he never replies to any more of my messages. This kind of behavior is so unprofessional and frustrating I just had to vent as I’m sure many of you have experienced this or much worse. He obviously either found a better offer post selling or experienced sellers remorse of some kind, but either way this is toxic behavior and frustrating. I left him his one and only review as very negative so hopefully this deters any future buyers from buying from him.

His Ebay name for anyone who wants to block him - antgar-4646


Most ebay sellers are not running a business so they don’t care about acting professional. If he gets a better deal he’s going to take it. It happens all the time. I’ve had sellers cancel on auctions because the final bid wasn’t as high as they hoped. I’ve had sellers take weeks to ship items. I’ve had sellers send the wrong card and act like nothing is wrong. Everything and anything you can imagine going wrong with a transaction I’ve had happen to me. In fact I’m dealing with a seller right now located in Japan who didn’t ship a package with tracking and unfortunately the item never showed up.

You can’t expect professionalism from random sellers on the internet, especially ebay sellers lol. Whenever I buy an item I assume I don’t own it until it’s actually in my possession. Sucks but it’s just the way it is.


Yup couldn’t be more true! Especially from sellers who do not sell often. I do have a habit of buying from low feedback sellers because I often find great deals from them because they are often times not in the know on the pokemon market, but I guess if I’m going to continue this practice I will need to get used to many of them going this way as well. So it’s frustrating, but I’m sure this won’t be the last time I deal with this.

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Unfortunately, these words of wisdom will save you a lot of grief. There have been numerous times I celebrated a great purchase and the item never shows. It’s just part of the ride.
Anyways OP, don’t be too deterred by this situation. Happens all the time and the best thing you can do is just roll with it.


Yeah learning this the hard way! Just gonna roll with it and continue looking for great deals, but staying aware that this outcome is not a rare possibility.

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I hate how true your statement is here, but sadly thats the reality of it all. Win some, lose some, and never get excited until you have the item in hand are words to live by here.

@ldubbs, thanks for posting the name of the user so we can all be protected from this from the seller in the future!


Exactly my thought process for anything I buy. :blush:

The most annoying aspect about this though, which happened to me once:
I’m looking for a particular card for two years, and finally find one. I buy it, and it’s being shipped. Two weeks later another one pops up (this happens a lot with cards I’m looking for for a long time, haha…) I ignore this second one, since I already have one incoming, and it gets sold within a week. Fast-forward a month, my card still hasn’t arrived… I get refunded by the seller, and wish I had bought that second copy that popped up after all… (I was able to buy the same card after all halve a year later for those wondering. :wink: )



Yeah definitely not gonna count my purchases as wins till I actually receive the item in my hand haha. And NP gotta look out for the E4 family!

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