Sniper's Guilt

So, I recently sniped a great deal on Ebay, but I have had a bit of sniper’s guilt. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this same phenomenon.

I sniped a complete set of 1st Edition Base Set for $1500. The seller had the cards marked as 2nd editions. I placed a best offer of $1500 thinking that there was no way that he would accept it. But, he did. I then thought there is no way that he ships these to me. But, he did. So, I am now the new owner of a complete 1st edition base set with a bit of sniper’s guilt.


Where do I sign up to experience this guilt?


Pffft…money was exchanged and he made a profit so there is nothing to feel bad about. eBay is all about getting deals.

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That’s exactly what my wife said…she also said if you feel bad send him another grand…I guess I dont feel that bad because I haven’t done that yet.


Is that a grey stamp Charizard as well or is it just the lighting?



Just the lighting.

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Amazing buy! What condition are the holos in, getting them graded?

I would say that they are in 7/8 condition. I have a batch of other 1st edition holo cards that I sent using Ludkins. I’ll probably wait until those get back to send these.

I wouldn’t feel bad at all. Congrats on the purchase!

A few days ago I saw a PSA 10 Fan Club Eevee sell for 1,400, there’s no guarantee the bid would have gone any higher regardless. Auctions on ebay can sometimes just be a coinflip depending on who sees it in time. Congrats on the win!

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Is this an early April fools thread or what???


This seems more like a humblebrag clickbait title :unamused: The entire point of sniping is to get under-the-radar deals and stick firm to a price so you won’t feel guilt. Nice wins


One ended today for even less.

i wonder what happened, PSA 9’s were selling for 1.7k

A bunch of flippers fire sale’n em out at the same time. It’s a popular card but most collectors are only buying 1, investors maybe buying 2. The demand can’t keep up with the supply right now. It will eventually rise again but then you can expect the price more to pop up graded now that PSA Japan is happening.


return the cards immediately, this is a bannable offense.


Crazy set for the price. Very jealous. Ebay is a service that anyone can list anything for any price they want. You were simply the first one to hop on the opportunity. If the seller performed 5 minutes or more of research, they would have seen that they undervalued their listing by a lot. No ones fault here except for the seller.
Then again, maybe they were stolen or there was some other circumstance that resulted in the seller wanting to liquidate them same day.


You already received them? Great find.


Jesus. That is an AWFUL listing title. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone mess up on a title so badly. “2nd Edition?”

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