Sneaking foreign cards into PSA orders?

If I was to include a Chinese EX Legend card in my PSA order…do you think it would go through?

Or if I labelled it as Japanese?

Tha backs are the same as the English variants though.

They should be competent enough to correctly identify the cards, but if it is mislabeled would it have any added value?

@omahanime - They’ve failed in the past by labelling German Crystal cards for instance as English.

iirc it was either @soulwind @daelum or @pokemonpacific that did that.

Haven’t tried this, but I am sure it will go through if you send only Chinese cards and label them Japanese.

You’re right. I was imagining a situation where I turn around and say “hey, you already graded it, so just change the label” but probably wouldn’t work.

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Sorry if noob question but do PSA only grade English and Japanese Pokemon cards? I have currently have a Base Korean Abra PSA 10 in transit to me, is this uncommon to get a Korean card through PSA?

It’s fine, PSA does accept foreign cards ( korean, dutch, german etc. ) but only for Base set.

Yeah, I’m talking about ex legend maker though

Ahh i see :blush: Thanks for clearing that up.