Snap- empty boosters

Hey everyone, havn’t made a collection thread yet but mentioned a while ago I had organised my rubbish (empty boosters) a bit and actually really enjoyed just the organising and sorting of it all so figured i would start with that. I will continue to add to it where I can for something different and if you see anything I don’t have and want to trade shoot me a pm as I have some spares of some sets. I might add other collection additions if i finish off something ive been working at a while etc. Enjoy and sorry for the glare on some of these, poor lighting.

Pictures don’t work for me

Just noticed how small they are, need to change my phone settings, will need to make an imgur account or something next time…

I’m guessing limeh was referring to all of the links being invalid and not showing, which is what I’m experiencing too. No pictures whatsoever.

Trying to fix the issues here, let me see if I can spot the issue.

Edit: tried playing around with the coding and the link as well as the code seemed to be off. For images to show, they need to be a direct link (e.g. A webpage that contains just the image, nothing else.

These typically end with a URL that ends .jpg etc

The coding is really easy, this goes at the start of the image= " [ I M G ] "

And this goes at the end= " [ / I M G ] "

You need to remove the quotations and leave no spaces between the code and URL. I’ll have to take a screenshot in order to illustrate.

The link isn’t inherently wrong (it probably shows for snap) it’s just that it is linked through snap’s Microsoft email/account so when you try to open it it’s searching for an email attachment that doesn’t exist in [my/your/etc’s] email.

Just needs to upload them to imgur or photobucket or something so snap can get a permanent link rather than a link directed through the email.

That is exactly the error I made as I rushed through it. Have pumped them onto here where they look a lot better anyway.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions in fixing it!

Lol page not found

Thanks for the heads up. Should be fixed!

I laughed WAY too hard at the page not found, snap has some killer luck.

Awesome stuff, it’s kind of neat seeing all of them organized like that. I held on to mine for quite some time, but I’m not sure if I still have them or not. If I can find my opened boosters I’ll see what I have. You’re welcome to any of them if you pay shipping on the package (shouldn’t be much).

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I appreciate this so much.

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I know right, couldn’t believe it! And much appreciated make sure to let me know if there are any ur after!

Thanks man, definitely good to have a bit of a ‘fun’ collection to keep things fresh.