SM4 The Awoken Hero/The Transdimensional Beast

Ultra Beasts are here!


In September lol

Type:Null is my favorite Gen 7 Mon. It Should be a badass Full Art.

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Surely type:null won’t get an FA if silvally is in the set?


A silvalley full art is a need.

Thought this set introduced Type:Null.

It does but it evolves into silvally so it wouldn’t make sense to have it as an FA.


I’m on the fence. I think it’s entirely possible Type:Null could get a stand alone GX given its importance in the storyline.

Let’s hope for both!

Don’t get me wrong it very well could do but to me it just makes no sense to do so.

Hard to believe as well Type:Null gets GX/FA treatment since Silvally is mascot for second SM4 set, rare or holofoil in best case scenario. :blush:

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I meant to say that it should be a full art not that it will be. As in term “they should make it one”.


or that time of the month for the ladies

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So will the shinings from SM3+ be in here?

SM3+ English release will be akin to how Generations was released.

In otherwords, crap.

Super bump

I wanted to see if anyone opened any sm4 boxes? Here are some scans of cards that stood out to me:

Attention all Gyarados Collectors, Pokemon has delivered:


I did and was happy with my pulls overall, I got 4 GX and one GX FA from the Ultradimensional Beasts box (so 5 ultra rare pulls overall) and I had no idea that was possible with these new SM era boxes.

I’d also like to point out that these sets have quality holo cards too, so many cards with a pretty art work. I mean look at these *-*