Skinst's Collection - Last Update

Thank you ^^; Suddenly three daughters is a lot ahahaha…

There was the Ancient Mew re-release and the GX cards, of which I’m still collecting, but I think I already posted about those. :confused: Either way, once I have all the GX variants, I’ll post about them. :blush:

EDIT: Turns out I didn’t, so I guess expect a huge update on that, ehehe.

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A long overdue update :blush:


Awesome collection @skinst ! Nice that you also have the Championship Arena cards; the Zoroark Illustrator card; the Victory Orb; and some other rare cards featuring Mew in the artwork. :blush:

Anyway, I’m sure you’re aware, but the Southern Island Pidgeot contains a Mew (well, a partial mew; just its tail and butt :laughing: ). And the POP 4 Pokémon Fan Club card was also released in Japanese as 096/PCG-P promo.


I know pidgeot has mews butt on it :stuck_out_tongue: I said so in the video.

Also, as I also said in the video, I have a SEALED Pokemon fan club card. I don’t have a loose one. I was saying I’d never seen another sealed copy before.


Hello everyone.

This will likely be my last post in this thread.

I’m sorry to say but I’m no longer collecting.

The collecting hobby has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. I recently turned 37. I always loved the hobby, and part of me still does.

But certain factors of the hobby have made it undesirable to the point of unsustainability, and I’d like to comment on this as a long term member of this board.

In the past, there were maybe a couple of different versions of a card (a reverse holo here, secret rare there) but now in each set that’s released, and subsequent sets which re-release the same card, at last count, one of the cards I was going after had no less than 14 seperate copies over just the English and Japanese releases. This doesn’t even count the different languages and their variations.

I can’t keep up anymore.

Further to that, I’ve always known this forum and it’s associated Discord has always been a bit of a ‘boys club’ as it were, but the bigger this forum and it’s member base becomes has thoroughly reminded me of the sub-culture that has always existed within the Pokemon fandom and collecting space regarding how woman and other gender diverse people are treated not only within Pokemon, but the gaming community and collecting community as a whole. I’ve finally reached the end of my tether with putting up with certain behaviors from certain people within this sphere to the point where coming on here to share my latest collecting gets is something I actively dread doing now.

So, while I won’t say this’ll be the last post ever made on this forum, I don’t forsee me coming back here again for a very long time.

But I will say a huge, huge thank you to everyone for the Secret Santa’s, for the company, for those of you who were good, for those of you who helped me and my collecting goals, I say to you a huge thank you. I have experienced genuine, loving kindness here, and it won’t be forgotten.

Thank you for nearly 20 years.



All the best Skinst, I definitely understand the burnout as more and more cards continue to pump out. I didn’t start collecting until 2018 and seeing OG completionists like you, Quuadar, and Pichufan somehow managing to keep up with it all was pretty impressive.

Sorry that trolling, negativity, whatever else soured your experience showing off your collecting gets but thanks for the mew memories.

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Thanks for letting us all know, and all the best, Skins.

I can’t really comment on the second part of your post, although I do agree there is a serious lack of women in the hobby compared to men. I’m sorry your experience with certain men spilled the fun even more, on top of the many Mew releases in English/Japanese for your collection goal.

As @chrispy mentioned above, I was able to keep up reasonably well in 2018, but 2019 kinda broke me too tbh. A total of 233 Pikachu TCG cards were released across the 11 active languages that year alone. That’s also why I decided back at the start of 2021 I’d stop collecting all Pikachu in all languages from February 27th, 2021 (25th Pokémon Day) onward, and continue with just English Pikacuh cards and one of each non-English (usually Japanese, but sometimes Indonesian / S. Chinese / etc.) Pikachu artwork, with the exception of the Base Set reprints. And although it’s been surprisingly quiet with Pikachu releases this year, I defintely don’t regret that decision. It’s so, so much less stressful.

Currently I’m easily keeping up with new English releases for Pikachu and FA Supporters; all releases for Seviper; and mostly just focus on non-TCG Seviper stuff rn.

If you do ever decide to come back in the distant future, you’re always welcome. And if not, I wish you the best of luck in any aspect in life in the future. :slight_smile: