Hey everyone, I have been meaning to post this for awhile but never got around to it. My brother made a skate video and released it as a dvd about a year ago. You don’t have to watch it if skating is not your thing. To be perfectly honest skateboarding is not something I would of been interested in if it weren’t for my brother.

Here is a link to the video. The people in the video are all from the St. Louis, Missouri area with the exception of the Spain section. One or two of the skaters had a couple deals here and there with skate companies but all of them are very talented. At least that is my opinion. I couldn’t even do some of the tricks on skate 3, with the cheats.

My brother did all of the filming and editing, and also has his skating bit in there as well, I believe at 12:50. His name is Jake Pratte. He actually went to Spain to film a few skaters. He puts all of his time into skating when he is not working. That work by the way is being a chemist. Not your typical assumed stereotype of a skater. Something we always give him crap about which he is probably tired of hearing.

Anyway, if skating is not of interest just go ahead and mark it as read. I know a couple members here do or did skate at some point and thought they might enjoy watching some fresh material.

Good luck to your brother…

Thanks Gary!

Enjoyed that, thanks for posting Scott! Looks like your brother has tons of YT views!