Show Off Your Error Cards!

Lol solid advice.

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Oh cool an actual error then that’s good to know, thanks for the information :muscle:

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This is neat.

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Congrats on the 8! So many of these have rough corners that any above the 7.5 is a blessing :joy:

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A friend brought over a tin with their beat-up old cards, and among them I found a wonderful relic;

It’s a counterfeit Call of Legends Phanpy with a curious detail; the twice misspelled ‘Phanphy’ in its ability text. One might look at the shoddy overall quality of the fake card and dismiss these spelling mistakes as the result of a careless counterfeit production process, but it actually replicates a real error found on early printings of the original authentic card! Rather than being the result of sloppy work on the part of the counterfeiter, it is a faithful recreation of the original printing.


@fieldy618 Is Scizor a double holo? Love the Magikarp holo bleed. I need a 1st ed, I have a CGC 9 Bleed and it’s amazing in person.

CGC has marked it as an insufficient ink error. The slashes are holo rather than white and there’s more bleed in the holo overall.

Error Pikachu :slight_smile:


Not mine - listed on eBay. How do you mess this up? Haha I’m tempted to buy it just to own the label and pretend I have a TD Machamp 10. PSA should correct this - kind of a big card to mess up:

fundamentals. buy the label, not the card. :laughing:


@fieldy618 oh, ok. I’m trying to get better at identifying the insufficient ink cards on eBay. That is a little tough.

Here’s my Holo bleed Shining Magikarp.