Should I grade this??

Hi Guys,

I recently received a Japanese Mew Gold Star in the mail. It looks like its flawless but I am worried about damaging it whilst sending it off to be graded? I really want it to be graded but is it worth it? I am really attached to this card as it is really hard to find.

Thanks in advance :blush:

It it worth it!

Just be sure to package it well for its trip to PSA! :blush:

As per the norm, you should grade something if you personally think you should. We can’t decide for you whether or not, as ultimately it is your decision!

  1. Put card in a Grading Sleeve
  2. Put a thinner Post It note style tab on the back(So it can be pulled out of the Card Saver without the grader having to dig into it to get the card)
  3. Carefully slide it into a Card Saver
  4. Try to avoid using Tape or Elastic Bands. instead wrap the Card Saver in bubble wrap, then cling wrap. This holds it all together nicely.
  5. Don’t be afraid to be a little excessive with cushioning in your Postage Box that you send to PSA. I personally use the White Postage Boxes you can get from Officeworks(iirc you are Australian). I fill them with Packing Peanuts and Newspaper.
  6. Use the Auspost Pack and Track option. a <500g package is 20.10AU to USA, 500g-1kg is like 33 iirc.

I usually send between 25-40 cards when I do a grading and I can get it under 1kg quite easily.

Whether it’s ‘worth’ it or not is entirely a subjective matter, as others have said.
If you are going to keep the card regardless of what happens I say grade it. You’ll always have the card and if it gets 10’d you can be proud of having a PSA 10 example in your collection.


At least somebody pays attention lol.
Good job milhouse.

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@milhouse is exactly right, that’s how I ship my cards for grading. I would also add a piece of cardboard or something rigid that won’t bend easily and package that in with the cards, especially if you’re just submitting a few. And, whenever possible, buy the insurance!