Shipping collection home. A HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Hello E4! Currently in California for college right now, and heading home to the Midwest for the summer. Usually my family road trips from the Midwest to California, but due to some scheduling/life changes it looks like I’ll be flying home. (Collection was originally transported by car)

My family is helping me rent a storage unit for the summer for books/drawings/furniture I don’t need to bring home. I’ll be in the Midwest for about 3 1/2 months, and don’t feel comfortable being away from my collection for that amount of time. I felt restless leaving it in the dorms for a few weeks over winter break, I don’t want to think about months. (Especially since I need to organize the reverse holos this summer/update storage/replace cards…)

I’ll be taking some of the smaller binders I can fit into my luggage by carry on, but know I’ll have to ship home the larger 3" and 4" binders. (For those of you who have been following my posts, I still haven’t had the chance to go out and buy smaller 1/2" binders… Went to Walmart and they were out, believe it or not)

With those 3" and 4" binders I’m worried about multiple issues.

-Cards falling out (main concern)

-Binders being packed too loosely/too tightly

-Pages getting crooked in shipping leading to damaged cards.

I know some of you have bought large collections before, so I want to know how that person went about shipping them to you, and how successful that shipping was.

This is my current shipping plan, please correct anything I have completely wrong.

-Shipping in large flat rate boxes out of USPS. I have a FedEx near me that I can ship out of if that would be a more secure option.

-Binders wrapped in garbage bags/plastic.

-Sides of the boxes packed with newspaper to prevent wiggle room

-Binders laid flat on in box

-Tracking (duh)

-INSURANCE. I need to add up costs, but in case anything happens, I really REALLY want insurance.

-Signature conformation?

I’m very nervous to have the fate of my collection in another’s hands for a few days.

I’d love to hear any advice, and any past successful experiences you had shipping your collection home.

Some of you might argue that it’s dumb to have a large and valuable portion of my collection in a college dorm room, but that’s just how I roll.

-Pokesoap aka Madison S.

Banker boxes are the correct height. But D-ring binders are too wide.

I would take the pages w/ cards out and leave the binders there. You can tightly pack and double box the pages in a compact manner.
What school you going to there?

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As a fellow college student who has also transported my collection back and forth by car, I feel ya on this one…I was always super anxious about it when it was in my dorm room and ended up leaving mine at home for most of this year, but I had it with me all of last year.

I agree with Gary, taking out the pages with cards is probably the best way to go. I’d then wrap the page bundles in plastic cling wrap (works wonders for shipping) and then a layer or two of bubble wrap. I don’t think cards could fall out or get jostled that way. I assume if you pack everything well and insure it there won’t be any shipment issues. I’d insure it for more than the value of the cards. It’s what I always do when I send cards off to PSA.

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Definitely do not keep pages in the binders. Pages packed tightly won’t have issues with cards sliding out. Stack them into a cube and then saran/cling wrap around the whole cube to keep them together tight. I have bought large collections packed this way as well as sold large lots packed this way with no issues. Any time I have gotten packages with binders included, the cards are all over the place. I have used large flat rate boxes. They fit well, just need some void fill on both of the short sides. I have gone without double boxing for cheap stuff, but if there is decent value and you are concerned, do a double box with some rugged void fill in between each. Heavy duty packing paper crunched up tight or something.

Loose packing/voids in packing are a killer through transit. You should feel nothing move when firmly shaking it.


Thank you so much for the replies everyone! Looks like I’ll be taking the pages out and shipping those, and possibly shipping the binders separately, if I don’t just replace them all together. I’ll go out and pick up some shipping supplies for the cards this weekend. Don’t worry, I’ll be packing them tight! Plenty of crushed newspaper and bubble wrap. I understand movement = bad. And for those of you who are interested, I go to school at California Institute of the Arts. I study character animation!

You’re welcome brother:)

Isn’t that school somewhere around Magic Mountain?

Use lots of tape.



You could leave them with @garyis2000, he’ll take good care of them.

Sure. I’d be happy to help:)

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I always use tape, its the best! and sticky blue tack.Get a sturdy piece of cardboard, take cards out of sleeves binders and place 4 blobs of bluetac/hot glue on each corner then arrange next to each other.
Lastly tape around the edges of the cardboard to hold the cards in place and clingfilm the boards then bubblewrap. slide into an LP shipping box and hey presto! perfectly safe.

Please not I cannot guarantee the safety of your cards in the mail not that this method will worth effectively. Try with caution :wink: and if your mental in the head.

Good luck!

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You’re a sick puppy brother;)

You love it XD

Taps fingers together like Mr Burns and thinks of all the people cringing…


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The best way to prevent them from falling out of the pages is to pin a needle through them all :wink:

Just get them all together and burn them, take the ashes and make into an milkshake.Drink it up and pee the cards out when home.Easy and free!

Or just ship out of the binders, well wrapped, bubbled and boxed, mabe a tighter fit box then another aswell with the foam peanuts.depends on quantitis and value tbh, grab insurance aswell

Ok Everyone! Thank you for all of the help!

I think I’m starting to get it now!


make sure really glue those gold stars :wink: nice and secure

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a quick happy update! Shipped the cards from USPS on Friday and they arrived today safe and sound! One of the boxes, excuse my french, was beat to shit, which put me REALLY on edge. But, the power of tight packaging and lots and LOTS of bubble wrap kept my cards safe and sound! Thank you so much for all of the helpful advice and concern! You guys rock! :heart_eyes:

Gonna go pop some bubble wrap now.

-Pokesoap aka Madison S.