Shiny Treasure - 2023 JP High Class Pack

I love shiny Mew’s color, but the huge CGI shiny Pokemon don’t really do it for me.


Don’t mind CGI Mew, as long as it’s original color

SV4a 252/190 S Wigglytuff (illus. Kagemaru Himeno)
SV4a 306/190 S Jigglytuff (illus. Misa Tsutsui)
SV4a 336/190 SSR Wigglytuff ex (illus. Saki Hayashiro)

SV4a 136/190 Cyclizar (illus. GIDORA)

This will be Cyclizar’s first card as a Dragon-type


That was my premature take on 151 which seemed lacklustre at first, and then I totally ate humble pie. I’ve since learned the virtue of patience…

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I actually really like shiny Mew. I tend to like shinies that are a completely different colour, not ones like Zapdos that are too subtle imo.

My favourite is the Gen 2 version of Rapidash with the purple flames but I doubt we will see a card with that original colour.


The only time I think they have ever gone back and referenced changed shiny colors is Plasma Storm Charizard which is more akin to his gen 2 scheme. So its possible.

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Idk he looks pretty black with red wings in that card to me


Really? Always looked like it has a purple look to me. Wings are definitely red though!

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Ig i can kinda see the hint of purple! Charizard is such a good shiny either way tbh

So true. Maybe my mind has willed it so I see the purple look. Even though I like the black look more lol

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SV4a ???/190 S Toedscool not revealed yet
SV4a 322/190 SSR Toedscruel ex (illus. 5ban Graphics)

SV4a ???/190 S Pidgey not revealed yet
SV4a ???/190 S Pidgeotto not revealed yet
SV4a 335/190 SSR Pidgeot ex (illus. takuyoa)


Another L for the books :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I got the same thing, does it mean we just lost the lottery? Or bc they are excluding proxy shipping addresses?

Id say we just lost the lottery :sleepy: i dont believe in the ‘proxies are excluded from lotteries’ thing, ive bought tons of stuff from pokemon center japan with this proxy address. Wish it was just made to order

From today’s livestream,

SV4a 353/190 SAR Arven (illus. aspara)
ft. Mabosstiff

aspara debuted in SV2a Pokémon 151 with Horsea & Seadra

Arven’s other SAR is from SV1V Violet ex


SV4a 288/190 S Murkrow (illus. Hitoshi Ariga)

SV4a 319/190 S Flamigo (illus. Akira Komayama)

S Flamigo is the last numbered baby shiny in the set

Found on a store promotional poster for Shiny Treasure ex,

SV4a ???/190 S Lechonk (illus. ???)
SV4a 302/190 S Noibat (illus. ???)
SV4a 334/190 SSR Noivern ex (illus. Eske Yoshinob) not revealed yet
SV4a ???/190 AR shiny Pawmi (illus. ???)


Based on the Paldea Fates description, there will be a total of 4 shiny AR, including AR Pawmi and the ETB promo IR Mimikyu

Shiny Treasure ex main set list is expected tomorrow (Friday)


Taking a moment to say thank you for the information and for the extra information like examples of previous artists work.


Main set list is out

Common, uncommon and Trainer cards will have a mirror holo variant, this time with a scattered glitch [genome hacking?] pattern

@stagecoach you got your wish, they will get shiny later on

New cards

SV4a 023/190 Espathra ex (illus. takuyoa) Grass tera
SV4a 323/190 SSR Espathra ex (illus. takuyoa) not revealed yet


No Chansey :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Additional AR/SAR revealed today

SV4a 339/190 AR Palafin (illus. akagi) new artist

SV4a 340/190 AR Pawmi (illus. REND) debut set card

REND is the winner of 2022’s Illustration Contest. Like Jiro Sasumo, they finally have another card in the tcg a year later

SV4a 348/190 SAR Gardevoir ex (illus. Kuroimori) new artist

known for their FF14 fan art

SV4a 349/190 SAR Charizard ex (illus. AKIRA EGAWA) Dark tera