Sher's Salamence PSA 10 species collection - post 1 salamence, post 2 modern

Hi guys, waiting on some returns and some purchases to come through but I finally hit the 20 card mark for English and Japanese Salamence’s in psa 10 so I thought I would start sharing them here - ordered by generation

Gen 3:

Gen 4:

Gen 5:

Gen 6:

Gen 7:

Gen 8:

I will add more as I get them. If anyone has any for sale please do let me know. Thanks for reading and please follow along the journey!


Hello: here I will share my chase card / secret rare collection from bw-present. I have no set goals with this and just want to see where it goes and how much I can accumulate. Enjoy




Congrats ! This is an amazing illustration :star_struck:

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Please see first post


Please see first post


Saved in case i need it in future


Just want to thank pwcc for the 26$ card (after the free 100$)
I think it was one of the only jp xy full arts on sale this auction block too. Anyway, confirmed paid. Lets go

I guess I can share some of the modern cards I’m buying and grading in post two.

Anyway, I bought some very nice salamences recently and have a psa sub due back any day now. Thought I’d share my favourite card - World champions pack unlimited salamence. I graded this myself. He may have brothers coming soon :eyes:

Added both to posts 1 and 2! Thanks for reading,
Love sher!


I’ve got Dragon Selection Sally in a 10

Nice i graded one its on the way back! Ty tho parker! Hows the ttars going?

Absolute hell.

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Psa return time. Added 8 salamences and 3 special arts to the first two posts.
Below are my personal highlights from the sub


Another update:

Got this in my psa sub too, but thought I would have to sell it to make back the funds. Thankfully I’m able to keep it as my other sold cards did well. Added to post 2

I will make a BIG update next week for some sallys, that might be my last update for a while but we will see how things play out.

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Got some bangers