Share Your Grading Turnaround Time!

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They actually responded to me and said reholders are an estimated 90 day turnaround, so get your popcorn and enjoy the wait with me

My December special is chugging along too, even with 1 Korean Yugioh card!

Shipped 12-28
Arrived 12-30
Research 1-6
Grading 1-9
Assembly 1-19
QA1 1-20

Really hoping to get these back before Orlando. Really wish I could get them to ship with USPS instead of Fedex.

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My order arrived 27 dec (see post above) moved into Q2 2 days ago. Now it doesn’t show the list of cards anymore. Could be I get an upcharge, very good possible because I did send packfresh holo’s of Exp, Aqua and Skyridge.

Cardlist often is removed the day before grades released

Got my grades and the upcharges.
So most likely I will have them back end of next week.

Wow, is this normal? Seems insanely fast with their estimated TAT being 65 days

My cards are on the way to Europe, so from shipping them out untill I get them back 5 (five) weeks.
It’s very quick for a $15 special.

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One of my last $15 orders arrived at 12 januari and today moved into assembly 26 jan.
(this one moved into QC1 today 27 th)

My other $15 order arrived at 12 januari (had 2 shipped together) moved today int assembly (27 - jan) this is my last order at PSA.

Both orders are on 3 feb in QC2 stage.

My $15 special was received 1/6 and entered QA1 on 1/26. I like that.

~$25 tier~ Delivered 1/25, entered 1/26, grading 1/27.

Hoping this tiny sub goes fast


Regular ($99) PSA/DNA (Auto): 12 Days

Arrived: 01/20/23
Order Prep: 01/24/23
Research & ID: 01/24/23
Grading: 01/25/23
Assembly: 01/26/23
QA Check 1: 01/27/23
QA Check 2: 01/30/23
Shipping: 02/01/23


About a week in QA 1. Any idea how long QA2 has been for you folks! The longest step begins!

I sent in 2 submissions about 15 days apart. Both are in Q1 with the oldest submission residing in this phase for about a month

Yooooooo what?? They turning around whole submissions in a month.

I gotta learn to not marry myself to other’s turnaround times.

Haha I meant one submission has been stuck in Q1 for a month. It moved really fast through the previous phases but once it hit Q1 it took a dead stop

Value Plus ($40): 14 Days

Arrived: 01/20/23
Order Prep: 01/24/23
Research & ID: 01/24/23
Grading: 01/25/23
Assembly: 01/29/23
QA Check 1: 01/30/23
QA Check 2: 02/01/23
Shipping: 02/03/23