Share Your Grading Turnaround Time!

My order has been in assembly 12 days. Did their sonic welder break or something?

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Beckett standard 26 days, not graded yet…
Someone else had a Standard order and it was done in 6 days that arrived 2 days before ours.


Oh after my post yesterday it’s all shifted on. Qc and grades are on the pop report.

It’s my least favourite bit of middlemanning as it’s up to me to track pops but these are all mega niche so I know they are mine.

Merlin stickers a mixed bag again! Managed to get most of what I was hoping for.

I think i’ll be on 90%+ of the psa set list for Raichu after these arrive

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For me i noticed recently that m subs say “assembly” stage well before they are actually in assembly, because the status will say on app and site “assembly” but when i click on the order it actually says “grading”.

its not until i get a confirmation email or mobile alert to where its actually in assembly, and that stage takes a short time. But seeing others with 10+day assembly queues, i presume thats the reason, its not actually in assembly and still grading.

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I have a 7-day reholder that’s been in assembly for almost a month. Not going to lie it’s pissing me off a little. I understand the turnaround times are an estimate but I’m paying $100 a freakin card and it’s not even close to their estimated turnaround.

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Value / Autos

April 30 - July 9

Somewhat related, PSA Vault is taking 2 weeks to ship out even single items, pretty frustrating.

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Bulk arrived Jun 10, Completed Jul 10

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Yep and they are being slow to add items to the vault as well. Took 7 days after delivery for my last card for it to show up


Dang my value bulk got there June 6th and still isn’t done…

They definitely were not prepared enough to take over that service from eBay, despite the fact it was announced several months prior.


100%. My sales via PSA Vault are taking 1-2 weeks, and that’s with pestering their management on a regular basis.

Very disappointing. I’m hoping that these growing pains will get resolved. They clearly need to expand the shipping department.

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June Express Special (Auto)

2 weeks (5 days beyond the estimated June 10th completion date)

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