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Been listening to this on repeat. Sounds like a black prof


Glad you liked it as well. My first memories for it are from early days of Starcraft 2, one of many intro songs for Teamliquid StarLeague 3. Great stuff.


I’ve heard this song enough on the regionals streams that I’ve come to like it, but it also evokes strong memories of being in the Worlds hall in Yokohama.

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Couple older trance songs I’ve lately listened a lot, especially the Deep Psychosis remix hits the spot.

Nulbarich and Sunny

“Lucky (feat. UMI)”
Written by JQ, Sunny Boy, Rosemarie Tan, Jean Castells
Mixed by Jennifer Ortiz

Truth in Lies - Zutomayo

MV animated by KUNGFU PIGGY a.k.a. hanabushi


John Mayer’s voice would have been perfect for this

feels so good to finally get this song under control after spending months trying to figure out how to salvage it