Shadowless Additions

Shadowless Alakazam is my favorite card so I was really happy with my recent grades from my last sub. Hope to one day score a 10.


Very nice!

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Not one but three Shadowless Alakazams! Nice :grin:

Can never have too many Alakazam!

It is just behind Chansey and Raichu on the shadowless scarcity list, good luck on the 10 :blush:

Thanks guys! I only need Mewtwo and Chansey in 9 now. I will definitely be holding off on the Chansey until I get the two raw copies I have graded. I think I may have lucked out and scored a mint copy for $50. Fingers crossed!

They definitely still have some value but not a whole lot right now. I’m sure in time they will go up. I have a spare chansey that I will send you if you will pay for shipping. I would ship it but I’m super broke.

Here it is

Great submission. If you decide you don’t want one of those, I’ll be glad to buy one from you or trade in the future. It’s always good to have two Alakazam.

I’ll take that Mewtwo good sir :wink:

Understandable! :blush:

Great lineup :blush:

If I two I would take that offer.

I only have two blastoise, machamp and gyarados.