SGDQ 2015

There is an event running right now called SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quickly.

It’s a speedrunning marathon that is lasting a week, 24/7. It is held for charity and has become very popular and has amassed a lot of support over the recent years. They donate to Doctors Without Borders, and whilst I personally don’t really care about the charity part. I thought I’d link the stream and details here so UPCCC’ers can enjoy the marathon and perhaps donate themselves if they want to.

Also I guess for those who don’t know. Speedrunning is the activity/pursuit of trying to complete a game(s) as quickly as possible. There is quite a large online community for it, and these marathons are always interesting to watch. If not for the games themselves but for the cast of characters that come out of the woodwork in these communities and are broadcast to us all on the internet.

Neat idea! Happy to see gamers doing this for charity.

I recently did a speed run of Mario 64. Took me a tad over 2 hours… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s insane, i remember spending hoursss on that bad boy.