Sept 18 - Sept 24, 2014 - Chandelure - Phantom Gate

**Card of the week Sept 18 - Sept 24, 2014
Chandelure - Phantom Gate

Phantom Gate has given us a lot of beautiful cards, the ‘Taste the Rainbow’ theme has received mixed reactions on this board, personally I love it and I think this Chandelure card is stunning.

Thoughts on this card, and the Phantom Gate set artwork as a whole!**


I thoroughly enjoy the artwork on the phantom gate cards.
My favourites are the ones with this “rainbow” theme like Swirlix, Pumpkaboo and Chandelure.
The FA Gengar is amazing.

The set as a whole doesn’t appeal to me but I personally do like this card, it looks great

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The background to that card is phenomenal! Or maybe its just the sitar music im listening to adding an extra effect… lol regardless nice pick !

The art reminds me of Sugar Rush in Wreck-it-Ralph