Sending Cards to PSA

I got an error Blastoise in the mail today and about fell over at the condition it’s it. It’s BEAUTIFUL!

I would really like to send it in to PSA. So I started examining it much closer…and maybe it’s not as beautiful as I thought… How picky is PSA when it comes to grading 9s and 10s?

The top border of the card is a little wider than the other borders. The top right corner was cut a little funny. There are 2 perfectly straight horizontal scratches on the foil at the very bottom of the picture (looks like an manufacturing issue). There is a perfectly straight horizontal line on the back toward the top of the word ‘Pokemon’. And the top border on the back has some whiting, but it looks like it came from a bad cut.

Is there any hopes of my card hitting at least a 9?

SPOILER: Click to show

Also, is anyone sending in an order to PSA soon? My boyfriend really wants to send in his Umbreon Star. If so…could I possibly send my cards in with someone else’s order? :grin: I would pay shipping and any grading fees, etc. :blush:

Thanks guys!

Based on your description it has no chance for a 9. If its the stage error though even a 7 would be worth grading;)

I might be sending in a few cards. I’ll let you know if/when I do.

I thought about doing what your talking about in asking others to send in cards to psa for me, but then I though about it and by the time you pay to ship it to them and pay for shipping back aren’t you better off paying the psa the non-member grading fee I would think? Anyone you has done it both ways want to shed some light on this?