Secret Wonders holo bleed question

Hi all, I just wanted to pose a question to those that are more familiar with the Diamond/Pearl era of cards. I know holo bleed in some of these sets was relatively common, but I was wondering if holo bleed is discrete state (yes or no) or if there are differing degrees of holo bleed.

For example, in this image, does the card on the left have less holo bleed than the card on the right, or is it just a matter of angle/lighting?

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide!

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I noticed in Majestic Dawn there are varying levels of holo bleed on Leafeon and Glaceon holos


Agreed with @eeveeteam, I’ve seen varying levels of holo bleed for Majestic Dawn and Secret Wonders. But it is true that lighting and angles will make it difficult to assess the “level” of holo bleed.

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Ah, thanks for the input. I’ll probably try to track down a Jumpluff with a greater degree of holo bleed if I can then. I’ll just evaluate as best I can with whatever images are provided.

Thanks @eeveeteam and @Dyl!

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