SeasidePokemon's Collection Thread


1st Edition Base Set

1st Edition Jungle

1st Edition Fossil

1st Edition Team Rocket

1st Edition Gym Heroes & Gym Challenge

1st Edition Neo + E-Series

Wizards of the Coast Black Star Promo’s

Southern Island’s

Nintendo ex Era


Various Modern English

World Championship Promo’s

Various Japanese Promo’s

1999 Masaki Mail In Campaign

2001 Natta Wake Manga

2001 Corocoro Shining Mew

2002 Lottery Campaign

2016 Battle Festa

2018 Edvard Munch Scream Promotion

2021 Stamp Box Promotion


Mitsuhiro Arita

Yuka Morii

Ryuta Fuse


Kouki Saitou

Eric Stuart & Jason Paige


Seems like this will be an excellent collection thread, good luck! :smiley:

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This is the best way to generate hype for a collection thread. Very much looking forward to seeing your collection.



Beautiful cards, @SeasidePokemon! Can’t wait to see this collection thread grow. :slight_smile:

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I dig the construction zone banner… :smirk:
It really builds confidence that this will be something awesome!


I really like the way you have your thread organized with the banners. Looks very clean! I’m excited to see your collection grow :smile:

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I have to know… which is your favorite and why?


Thank you all for the positive feedback! It’s still a work in progress but I’m having a lot of fun with it. I still have a few sections to add as well as a ton of cards to upload. I also want to add a table of contents in the future but am having difficulty keeping everything centered. If anyone has any suggestions or tips & tricks for formatting, I’m all ears!

And to answer your question, @Dyl my favorite right now is the '05 Tropical Tidal Wave! I just love the art so much! :ocean:


Great collection, a lot of very desirable cards! Pretty much my dream version of 1st Ed Base Set holos, I’m working on a similar project of getting them all in that type of grade/condition. I got Blastoise & Venusaur and a couple others, just need to save up for Charizard and then slowly focus on the rest over the next few years.

Also love the Japanese cards, a great mix of vintage and more modern offerings you have.

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Thanks, Jabby! 1st Edition Base is the crown jewel of my collection in my eyes. I’ve never had more fun collecting than slowly putting together that set. I’ve been loosely following your 1st Edition Base collection through your posts in this thread. I love seeing other people collect it too!

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Such an awesome collection! Love the presentation, and cards themselves too of course.

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that salamence sketch ooooooooooo boy wow thats amazing


@SeasidePokemon Awesome collection and thanks for sharing. This is yet another reason why I love the E4 Family.

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Seaside, I had seen this the other day and wanted to stop by and express my adoration for this beautiful collection thread. It is marvelous, stupendous. Not only is your collection finely curated, but the display is wonderfully theatrical. The banners? Perfection. Love your reminiscence of the past, your ode to the 90’s with them. I just love me a cosmically composed collection thread and I very much enjoy yours. Reminds me of pulp’s and prochaos’s, but all 3 of you guys do it so perfectly differently. 3 Major cornerstones of flair and display. Bravo!


Wow… thank you so much for your kindness. It means a lot to know that you enjoyed my collection but even more that you recognized and appreciated the presentation. My nostalgia for the late 90s era of Pokémon was at the forefront of my mind when creating this thread and is what I love sharing and celebrating most with other E4 members. Your comments have made my day, thank you!


December 2022 - End of Year Update

December 2022 Banner

Before wrapping up the year I wanted to post an update to my collection thread here as a way to reflect on the month, this is something I hope to keep up with through out the next several months. We’ll see. It’s also just an excuse to create these fun little banners. :santa:

First and foremost, I was able to complete my 1st Edition Base Set this month with Imposter Professor Oak and Arcanine. The saga that was obtaining the last card was a fitting challenge for the final stretch. This is actually the THIRD Arcanine I purchased. The first Arcanine I bought was listed in error and I was refunded, the second came smashed to pieces by USPS, and finally after updating my buy thread, @wisewailmer reached out to sell me his. Thank you, Sr. Mr. Wailmer! :whale:

This milestone in my collection is one I will not soon forget, collecting 1st Edition base has been the most fun and rewarding challenge I’ve had yet. The cards are my absolute favorite in the hobby as they are loaded with nostalgia, lore and identity. I love every generation of Pokemon but I’m just a genwunner at heart :older_man:

Next up, a small but interesting pick up. One of my favorite Pokémon happens to be Meganium and this non-holo Expedition rare was ending on auction for a sweet deal. I was actually surprised I won! I look forward to collecting the holo version eventually and other E-Series cards in the future.

Thats all for now! Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s, everyone! See you all next year :christmas_tree:


Please, Sr. Wailmer is my father

Congrats on the set. There will never be another 1st english set! Such a classic


Love the Christmas banner! Congratulations on the 1st Edition accomplishment. To set out and complete such a lofty goal must have you through the roof.

Wonderful post! Merry Christmas @SeasidePokemon


Merry Christmas! Huge accomplishment on completing the set. I love Meganium as well for Gen 2, whereas Gen 1 my favourite is Blastoise. I still haven’t decided if I want to venture more into the E-Reader sets or not. I have a few of them, but I still have more earlier WOTC to finish off yet, so it’ll become a stretch goal for me if I decide to go for more of them :slight_smile:


January 2023 Banner

Happy New Year, everyone! First up on my January collection additions are some cards I actually received for Christmas last month. My fiancé got me the Surfing Pikachu which I surprisingly didn’t already have a graded copy of and my good friend @thearkade got me the 1st edition Nidoqueen for my Jungle collection! I also received the three Charizard UPC promo’s from my Secret Santa, @amwolf . These will definitley be in my next PSA submission. Big thanks to you three for the amazing and thoughtful gifts :pray:t4:

Next are a few cards I picked up super cheap on ebay auctions. The Celebrations Classic Collection PSA 9’s are affordable and super fun to pick up. I’m hoping to grab the other starters at some point. I was somewhat anticipating Masakazu Fukuda to be announced as the guest Illustrator at the Orlando Regionals next month and thought these would make great cards to get signed. Low and behold it turned out to be a different artist who I am equally as excited to meet! :slightly_smiling_face:

And finally we come to the bulk of my January additions, the Midori Harada cards!
I purchased several cards that were illustrated by her but have yet to fully narrow down which ones I will opt to get signed next weekend.

That’s all for this month! I’ll be at the Orlando regional next weekend and hope to see some of you there! Till next time! :v:t4: