Scarlet & Violet Cosmos Holofoil Variation

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I just got through a stressful week and thought I’d treat myself to some Pokémon cards. Why not pick up one of those Fall 2023 Collector Chests? Could be fun! I wonder what promos it comes with.

Ah, the evolved starter trio! I do like me some Skeledirge! I wonder what Holo pattern they are … I’ll go check Bulbapedia, they usually know!

Ah, ‘Cosmos’, of course. Maybe I can go look up some big YouTube influencer opening it up to get a peek at which Cosmos variety it is;

Nice, that sweet Classic Cosmos. I’m in!


What the HECK is this!? Is that the star pattern from the Scarlet & Violet EX cards? I like it, but where’s the Classic Cosmos!? I saw that YouTube person open it, so I know they exist and come from this product! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?


Stay calm, Llyrwenne. You can get through this. Just redeem the code on Pokémon TCG Live - maybe there’s different versions of the chest, and there’s Cosmos in one and this SVEX in the other, and redeeming the code will reveal this, giving me the cards with the Holo pattern to match whichever version of the tin you got.


You got this.



You got the starry holo??? I’m late to reply but that’s wild! Are you able to get more? I got the retro galaxy foils myself from the chest! Would be down for some trades if you get duplicates!

I am unfortunately not in a position to buy more product at the moment, and the place I got the Collector Chest from hasn’t restocked them since. A couple of the sets on eBay right now also have this ex-Stars pattern though - they shouldn’t be too hard to track down! I’m a bit sad my Meowscarada came out of the tin with a nasty corner crease - no clue why they were still in that old-style card-damaging packaging with those tabs.

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This holo pattern was first used for some German / French box promos in SwSh


So after a small bit of research and discussion, it seems that the “starry” pattern is common in the UK/EU. This seems to align with the fact that some other recent starry holos have been spotted with some french, german, and other european language cards from various products (ex. Keldeo, Electrode).

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I was happy lurking but I guess I have to post now! Look what I found today…


Nice to see these exist, now I have to find some!

So is it a “standard” European variation, or is it a random “rare” varation which you can randomly pull out of a boosterpack ?

These promos are from the 151 Poster Collection. You shouldn’t be able to pull these out of a booster. Up until now, we haven’t seen the retro-Cosmos foil on these promos, only the neo-Cosmos foil.

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Exciting! I believe that all of the 151-related promos have been found in retro-Cosmos in English now. I’m still searching for a neo-Cosmos Kadabra but I haven’t seen any photos of one’s existence yet.

Yes I believe neo-cosmos Kadabra is now our White Whale!

I found these retro-cosmos starters yesterday at my local Walmart, and you can bet I checked every single Alakazam ex box, but found nothing.

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Yet more variants!


I’ll update the thread with this new discovery when I’m able to find some time.


This saga is wild.


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A local Target has probably a couple dozen retro holo Abras. If anyone would like one let me know and I can check back for them tomorrow or Friday. The one with this swirl is mine though :slight_smile:


New find! At walmart, the Crown Zenith Regi boxes have Regidrago pixel cosmos foil versions of Regidrago. But most boxes had the HD galaxy foil when these boxes initially came out last year! Have not seen the Regieleki yet though!


Arcanine and Dondozo from the Scarlet & Violet Base three pack blisters also come in the pixel cosmos variety. I suspect the second(?) wave of printing sometime after Paldea Evolved is where these can be found.

There is also pixel cosmos variety of the following cards;
SV Base:
Klawf #122 (Costco 5 Pack Mini Tin)
Spiritomb #129 (Darkrai Triple Whammy Tin)

Paldea Evolved:
Gyarados #043 (Costco 5 Pack Mini Tin)
Luxray #071 (Costco 5 Pack Mini Tin)
Larvitar #110 (Tyranitar Triple Whammy Tin)
Pupitar #111 (Tyranitar Triple Whammy Tin)
Tyranitar #135 (Tyranitar Triple Whammy Tin)
Sableye #136 (Darkrai Triple Whammy Tin)
Orthworm # 151 (Costco 5 Pack Mini Tin)
Slakoth #160 (Slaking Triple Whammy Tin)
Vigoroth #161 (Slaking Triple Whammy Tin)
Slaking #162 (Slaking Triple Whammy Tin)

Obsidian Flames:
Darkrai #136 (Darkrai Triple Whammy Tin)

Paradox Rift:
Kingdra #032 (Twilight Masquerade Blister)
Steelix #125 (Twilight Masquerade Blister)
Porygon-Z #144 (Twilight Masquerade Blister)

Lost Thunder:
Gardevoir #141 (Strong Bonds Tin)
Blissey #153 (Strong Bonds Tin)
Both of these are also found in the HD or Neo Cosmos variety from initial release of the tins. Recent printing has the pixel cosmos.

Source: My own collection. Will edit with what I have scanned. Triple Whammy Tins are an Australian only release from what I can tell.

There are also a few other check lane blisters, two pack blisters, and ex boxes that feature cosmos holos that I don’t currently own that can be added to the master list.


Oh wow, do you have a photo of Dondozo? I will need to find that and Arcanine now!

I have some pics of the triple whammy promos!


Here is a picture of the Dondozo. It’s not my image but just photo proof that it’s out there.