SCAMMER WARNING: stephychu / chinpokemon

***SCAMMER WARNING: stephychu / stephychu025 / chinpokemon

Current Instagram: stephychu025
Current eBay: stephychu025
UPCCC Username: stephychu025***
Hey everyone,

As I’m sure many of you know, the administration of the forum recently determined that one of our users, who goes by the name stephychu or chinpokemon, scammed someone. We take these behaviors extremely seriously, and as such the user has been banned from the forum. We thought it was in the best interest of everyone to make a public post in a separate thread explaining the situation and how we arrived at our decision, and also to warn everyone to stay away from buying, selling, or sending to PSA with this person.

The crash course of the situation:

Steph ran a PSA grading service, as many people with memberships do, and a customer sent a full art M Rayquaza EX from Ancient Origins in for grading. Upon receiving the card back, he noticed that the certification number on the card seemed to be an older cert number than the ones that were currently being issued, and that the card looked different than the one he sent in. As such, he was suspicious that his card had graded a 10 and was then swapped out with one that had been previously graded by Steph as a 9.

Her story:

In the interest of fairness, here is Steph’s side of the story. Apparently the cert number on the card was retro-assigned, meaning that an old cert number was assigned to a new card after the older card had been cracked out of its case and the label sent back to PSA. She showed us emails from PSA that seem to back this up as a general practice. However, upon contacting PSA ourselves, the representative that told her this acknowledged he was wrong to provide this information. These emails were not faked as we initially believed.


After an extensive review, it was determined that Steph did indeed switch the cards, effectively scamming someone out of a PSA 10 M Rayquaza EX from Ancient Origins. The evidence to this is as follows:

  1. We personally called PSA and they confirmed that they do not reuse/reissue certification numbers FOR ANY REASON, including cards that have been cracked out of their slabs and the labels returned. PSA not only vehemently denied this practice, but flat out told us that Steph was lying. Furthermore, the representative that initially told Steph about the retro-assigning of cert numbers now acknowledges that this information was wrong.

  2. The certification number on the card she sent her customer (M Rayquaza EX, AOR) matches the certification number of the exact same card from one of her previous orders.

  3. She refused to do simple measures that would clear her, like a screenshare showing both grade reports. While she did provide screenshots of those grade reports, screenshot editing is so simple it’s laughable. You can refer to the screenshot below for confirmation. This was edited by @smpratte who has little to no photoshop experience.

Yup, that’s a 1979 Wayne Gretzky rookie card cert number edited onto an Illustrator grade report. You can click the link here if you’d like to examine closer :

  1. Similar to #3, despite being given a week to do the screenshare, and logging into the forum multiple times per day, she was not able to find the time to do a 5-minute task that would clear her completely. Her excuse was that she did not want to share her private information, however no private information would be exposed in the screenshare.

  2. She admittedly has proficiency with Photoshop, which would allow her to edit these grade report screenshots to reflect her story.


Thanks everyone for bearing with me. In light of some of her current posts on social media, I would like to make this very clear: this issue is completely resolved. Steph is a scammer, and at this point almost nothing can clear her. DO NOT sell, trade, or send to PSA with Steph, as you may be scammed as well.

If you are in contact with any admins of trade groups/scammer alert groups on facebook, instagram, etc., please direct them to this thread so that she can be placed on the appropriate scammer lists. Admins of other websites, if you are seeing this, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the staff if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: The intention of this thread is to inform and warn. Posts that add nothing to this discussion, i.e. “shit talking” will be removed.


Censored myself;)

Good job guys.

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Can only members see this post as it is in Sour Grapes? Hopefully when people search her name on google this article has a chance to pop up

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Shame really, She threw her reputation out the window.


The thing I really find disgusting is she started whole “PSA serial numbers” thread ( instead of customer who got scammed ), only to turn focus on PSA’s actions that don’t even exist instead of her own mistakes.


Yeah I’m extremely surprised she asked this forum for advice on the issue knowing she had scammed this guy, can’t believe the balls this girl had lmao!


Kind of disgusted with how people do things like this, It shows how morally fucked up some people are.Good job UPCCC for catching this and making a public statement about it and I’m sorry to the person who fell victim.

It is crazy; she doomed herself with the sharing of the information by starting the thread. The serial number was right in between two cards she had listed at the time on eBay. To make all that up and compound lies on lies it was hard to watch. NZG even gave her the opening if I recall to take “an out” and claim that she accidentally mixed it up with one of her cards. I wonder how many others were scammed. Hopefully he was the first and last. Hopefully people will pay a lot more attention on submissions and use the forum service or even consider self submitting for their cards in the future. A lot of normally decent people can turn into criminals given the right opportunity.

So at the end of the day… is she still denying? The guy is not going to get his card back?

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Very down to spread the word.

How should we go about this with the IG community?

Because she is very popular there, and I know a lot of people use her service through that app.

I think it’d be best for us to all post a screen shot of this on there, with a “DM me for more info” to help spread the news there.

She hasn’t even remotely tried to defend herself there (in the past she has with any kind of conflict) which means she’s not remotely worried about anyone on IG finding out .

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Did she change her eBay?

Nvm: I forgot store link is diff from user link LOL

It kind of makes me curious if she has done this to other people in the past.

No one has said anything to her get that I can see.

Just screen shorted it onto my Instagram.

I just made an instagram to spam her.

Went through and edited a couple posts. Don’t get me wrong, all of your hate is warranted, but if we can keep the focus on the practice at hand that would be great.

@shizzlemetimbers Anyone can see this thread.

@swolepoke I would say to do whatever you want with spreading the word on instagram. A screenshot of this thread would definitely be worth posting.

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That’s a bad idea, I would not recommend that. Alerting everyone to a scammer and deliberately spamming someone are two very different things.


I’m an admin of one of the bigger anti scam pages on instagram, will be making a post referring people to this thread. Well done mods on getting to get bottom of this!


She’s aware…

Good ol @pokemonsyndicate made sure she knew by commenting on her insta last night :tada:

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@swolepoke I guess she deleted it. My scam post seem to be getting some traction and spreading throughout IG.


She responded to me after word started getting out. I copy pasted itbhere for the mods to deal with since she wanted it directed at them.

Can you get me in contact with someone from upccc? I have been banned and im willing to do the screen share now. I did not scam anyone and I can prove that if im given a chance, I did not fake the psa emails and so on so I will do the screen share I know you prob hate me along everyone else but please help me out with this. My email is stephysanrio@i

I’ve banned her from my page until further notice. I dont agree with harrassing her on various accounts though guys. Word will soon get around.