Scammer DemiGodNero anyone got any info on him?

Hey all anyone been scammed by someone called Demigodnero? I am trying to gather some evidence against him. Also known as suicunesixx on instagram a while back. Thanks x

That name is very familiar. I think there was a huge thing about him scamming on Facebook awhile ago.

(I know that doesn’t help much…)

I know, this is my dilemma. Apparently he knows the winner lucy of the art academy card. But was using a third person to direct people his way saying about taking deposits etc. Lucy does know him but never approved of this and I am trying to gather evidence as I know the name -.- I have one screenshot on instagram but i need ones on facebook too. Anything would really help x

If he deposits were made via paypal you can contact them and let them know. He’ll have to
verify that they were shipped. If they were made by GIFT they’ll be much harder but not
impossible to prove he’s scamming.