SAMPLE cards

How much are going SAMPLE stamped cards? Im wondering about Gastly SAMPLE mainly :wink:

Thanks for any suggestion.

A good amount. They were up for $80 a piece on pokeblokey’s site but he did not have the gastly.

I would say $80-100 is what you should expect per card.

Wow, thats not very cheap :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

There are under 50 copies of each card. Also they were printed illegally and never intended to be released to the public. Actually for how rare they are that is a very low price. Cards with 50 copies usually hit the mid to high hundreds even thousands.

Yes! That is a good point! I remember mozz saying that back in the day.

Thats the number of all cards in the whole world or of “in-fine-condition” only? Just for my notion of it.

To put them on a chain? :open_mouth: Why did they do that?..thats the weirdest thing Ive ever heared about PTCG probably.

I am not sure what you meant by the number of all cards in the world? You aren’t saying that you think there are only 50 copies of each card in the world? :thinking: :thinking:

Shut up!

Is that actually true? Oh god its like the Illustrator cards all over again

Btw the whole Expedition set was released as a SAMPLE or few cards only?

No! Only 10 sample cards were produced; before any e-series card was. The cards were illegally printed for an event for nintendo staff to see the new cards. Basically we should not know about them whatsoever. They were never intended to be public knowledge but a couple of the staff who were at the event saw $$$ and sold them.

Sample cards sit with cards like Pre-raichu. They both have similar backgrounds of not being released publicly and are both very rare, pre-raichu respectively rarer.

No, because Pre-release Raichu was considered a mistake wasn’t it? That or they didn’t like the look of it, so binned it for the ones we saw.

The Sample cards I thought were created by Nintendo who were demoing the GBA peripheral (the card reader) and WotC saw red in that they were not consulted and asked to produce the cards.

Yes, but they are both similar in that they were not intended to be released to the public and both were not supposed to exist.

What do you mean “not supposed to exist” though? I get they weren’t meant to be released to the public, but both had very definite purposes…

Yes as far as the public is concerned, the cards weren’t supposed to be public knowledge. But as test products, they vert definitely were supposed to exist :stuck_out_tongue:

They never meant for either card to exist. The pre raichu was an accident and the samples were printed by nintendo illegally. Basically they were not intended to exist by wotc.

Hmmm… pretty narrow definition if you ask me. And strictly speaking the Raichu doesn’t fit since WotC were the ones who printed the Raichu -even if used for the test run, it served a definite purpose. And for that purpose it most definitely was meant to exist