safest way to auction booster box on ebay?

Do I bother filming the packaging? Only sell to people with xxx feedback or what? Im not interested in pwcc since their cut is about 3x the cut Id be taking on ebay after all is done and if they decide to put mine at the same end time as another there goes half the demand lol.

I’ve tried ig and fb but bargin hunters and people who will “do all the hard work of breaking the box for me” are staring to irritate me, I think its an ideal time to sell at the end of the month with the other breaks and people getting excited about hidden fates 2.0

Basically I know people here have auctioned boxes successfully before, are there any tips for me? Thank you!

Don’t bother filming the packaging and don’t sell to less than 40 feedback unless they’re reputable

How many of the ebay issues come from less than 40 feedback buyers? likely 95% or so I imagine

safe box auction on ebay
don’t want pwcc

you pray


pwcc has not sold any boxes at a premium to my knowledge in the past several months, usually its a massive drop plus they take a large chunk above the 750 ebay limit

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Yeah, you NEVER want to sell to 0 with sealed. Someone tried to buy a heavy pack with ~20ish feedback from me, I took a close look, and 3 people said he opened sealed, so I had to cancel. Just be careful, and make sure to look at buyers feedback.