Running Out of Room, Need Ideas!

Okay, so after my last update, I’ve realized that I’m going to run out of room, and FAST. I’ve already reverted to using tape inside the current folder I have for some of the larger items that don’t fit in the card slots, but I know that’s not going to last.

Currently on my list for obtaining is this Ultra Pro Pokemon Black & White Phase 6 Portfolio:

You can’t see it from this picture, but it has a large picture of Gyarados on the back.

So I was hoping you guys may have some experienced tips on how to keep my collection going but organized in some manner. Ideally I’d like it to be Gyarados Themed if at all possible (imagines a giant craft chest with Gyarados paraphernalia attached to it).

Or maybe find one of those old Team Rocket booster boxes to store some stuff in. *shrugs*

Any and all ideas are a big help!

If your gunning for a quality binder, I’m an advocate for monster binders. They have such a nice feel to them but are a bit pricy. Ultra pro makes a good quality binder as well.

Heres a cool gyarados binder:

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Oh wow, those are quite large for the bottom two. As for the Stormfront binder, that’s the one I currently have that’s bursting at the seam! XD

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There are some people here with some awesome binder collections, I’m sure they could showcase some of the epic pokemon binders they have like @happycakeoven

I like seeing some of the rare Japanese ones which were posted on here ages ago.

I just use the coloured ultra pro binders, and those premium leather ones. They are sooo nice to feel, just bought 10 premium leathered ones last week. There so soft on the outside.

The rayquaza one is pretty epic. I’m not too crazy about that kind of binder though, the ultra pro premium and monster binders are noticeably superior. If i were in your shoes, I’d go with one of those and slap some stickers on. Gyarados is featured in a butt-ton of carddass anime cards (some are of robot gyarados!) Here’s some examples:

or even:

You guys are geniuses!

The larger stickers I’m more likely to use since they seem a bit more tacky. Love the Decal though!

I’d make an exception to the Carddass ones though, but only if I had duplicates. I tend to sleeve them. XD