Ruley711's Collection

Hey everyone. Finally got around to cleaning up and organizing my collection a bit better visually.
The main collection for me is species, and most importantly the togepi line.

Hope you follow along and see me update this as time goes on and I build my collection out more like I envision :slight_smile:

My first page of my main binder is a little “Table of contents” where I have my 9 favourite artworks (these aren’t them, yet) for the collections for pokemon and their types/ my favourite types - WIP*.

Here is the Togepi Line

Here is the Jirachi Collection

Here is the Riolu & Lucario line Collection

Here is the Piplup line Collection

Here is the start of my artists collection with my favourite - Sowsow

Followed by another one of my favourites - Saya Tsuruta

My 2009 snowflake stamp cards that I actually used as an advent calendar in 2009.

Southern Islands - Missing Slowking*

Some of my favourite style cards that have ever been made.

Modern Shining’s (Mew is in the mail currently lol)

My Cynthia collection - WIP*

Like I posted last week seeking help here for the newest addition, my tea related collection - WIP*

So those are my main two binders and how I plan to actively collect going forward (adding when those species and artists get new cards), and completing the WIP sections I have at the moment.

On top of those I am working on a “artwork binder” which I plan to do my top 24 (12 pocket binder) artworks per type ever (just out of cheap cards really), already started putting cards aside for that one, will add that to here eventually.

I also plan to get one of those glass locked shelve type things to display my absolute favourite cards that don’t fit the molds of my main binder collections.

Here are the other cards I have a personal attachment to or just absolutely love the artwork of. This will also be a forever work in process as more nice alt arts or JP promos are released. Scream psyduck and the stamp promo pikachu/cramorant are the next goals for this section.

Some of my favourite modern cards + a few more.

Cards I pulled as a kid and/or that are other memorable pokemon for me.

Some WOTC cards I enjoy.

These final trios are probably my favourite cards in my collection all together, just look so gorgeous all together in their respective trios.

My only graded card at the moment + my two gold stars (favourite type of card, hopefully one day I can find some more to pick up)

I plan to grade a few of these in the future and pick up some newer alt arts, promos and general cards that I love to eventually add to the future frame I have in mind.

Hope you guys love my collection as much as I do, I’ve got lots more cards that I am aiming to sell to supplement completing these areas and adding more in the future, always happy to chat about any of these :slight_smile: .


I’ve never seen this Togetic! The colors are so nice!

It’s your thread so you can display however you want but I recommend using the gallery view too, it looks really good with binder pages


It’s one of my favourite togetic for sure. Love the background. Pumped to get it in English with the cosmos holo (believe it’s supposed to be a 3 pack blister promo for silver tempest)

And woah I never knew that gallery existed I will try and do that because that would be much less messy haha, thanks!


Wow, excellent first showcase. Very impressive collection. It was super awesome to go through your binder pics. Looing forward to seeing more of your updates. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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Such a nice collection, @Ruley711! I especially love your Southern Islands set and your Mew and Flareon Gold Star. They are two of my favorite Pokemon, and their gold star arts are 10/10.


I love the Jirachi collection!!! One of my fav Pokemon, also planning on getting every Jirachi card! Got some great cards


Very nice selection of cards, you have great taste with your favourite card designs! Also never realised how great and wide artwork Saya Tsuruta has made, more temptations for me too :slight_smile:

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thank you very much! Hopefully can fill out the binders as time goes on.

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Southern Islands may be my favourite set of all time. all 18 arts are just gorgeous. Might get the JP one day as well just because of how awesome they are :slight_smile:


Thanks! I wish you the best of luck of luck in that endeavour, it certainly was a tough one to do. Togepi may be my favourite pokemon, but my Jirachi collection is what I am most excited to share and show because I find so many of the Jirachi cards beautiful and also rare.


I was surprised as well a few months back when I got into artists collections. I always knew I loved Sowsow but never realized how many Saya Tsuruta cards stood out to me in the same hand drawn cute kind of way that Sowsow’s does.

Saya Tsuruta in my opinion is the best promo artist. Her Pikachu/Mimikyu, shiny Magikarp, Mew, the Yokohama Pikachu’s and the Chespin/Litten/Inkay trio are all some of my favourite promos ever and they are all hers!


Very cool collection! :+1: Really enjoy seeing the different Pokemon/artworks/sets that others on the forum like to collect. I really like the Togepi card line up in particular!

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Thanks so much!
Yeah Togepi is my favourite and it’s nice to see the growth of their cards from WOTC until now. Now I just really hope one of them gets an art rare/character rare/some sort of full art in the future

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