ROFL! Check this twitch stream out: 76000 people on


Twitch is streaming pokemon Red, allowing all actions to be input by anyone watching the stream.
So there is 76000 people watching currently, at over 16million views in a matter of days.

Everyone is trying to input commands but it is almost impossible to play.

Just check it out, I think its funny. lol

my friend was trying to play this, so many trolls, even one guy managed to exit the game, he got banned xD

I think I read on kotaku that there are whole groups with strategies for progress and stuff. Pretty crazy experiment.

yeah my friend gave up with it lol

There are different strategies that make anarchy better or worse than democracy. Democracy is only better when specific goals and right turns need to be made.

They have gotten pretty far haha PRAISE HELIX

I have witnessed the final transformation. Our lord in all of his glory!

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lol! I can’t believe they got to where they are now… It’s gonna take a while for them to push all the boulders… and not black out… then to do elite 4… geez, then the streamer says he wants to do generation 2 silver/gold/crystal… and then a 3… etc… sigh, I don’t think I could bear the other gen’s… way to long, and a lot more puzzles.

I just watched them stuff up their boulder push… omg…

!!! It’s over !!! they did it !!
Wow… I am surprised how fast they got through the elite 4. Anarchy finished, with Battery Jesus, killing Blastoise at the end! So epic!!

It finished last night :blush:

Here are some cool meme’s which we’re floating around recently;

I watched him fight Lance.

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surprised they managed it