RIP Metazoo

My only point in all this is that it’s super convenient that people are done with the franchise the second the tendies are over and not a second sooner.


Let the metazoo thread die

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Different perspectives I guess. I followed Metazoo solely through youtube so the E4 perspective is lost to me.

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I just bought Metazoo for the first time, so it just became alive for me! I’ll happily enjoy Metazoo at $18 a booster box.


The difference is the reasons why people collect, not mismanagement. Wotc fumbled pokemon at the end but it didn’t matter. People just collect more in pokemon, that’s the difference. You could eliminate all the speculators in pokemon tomorrow and the market would be completely fine.


Nah. I collect certain cards in PSA 10 because it adds an extra chase and makes the hunt more fun and challenging. Also (and yes there’s some truth that it’s label chasing) there’s something satisfying about seeing a stack of all 10s to me. I’m not doing it for recognition and status. I mean hell, nobody (literally) outside of a small few of my hobby friends even knows I have high-four-figure or five-figure cards.


This is only my perspective I don’t speak for the rest of the people here.

yall really arguing over something that didnt even happen

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It was sold on auction. They probably just took a bin listing and switched it to auction without changing the description. Pretty funny how fast that description became obsolete though.


My order was cancelled and refunded :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yeah, the 1/1 Mothman definitely sold. The seller talked about it on his last livestream, it was paid for and shipped as well.

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Think he was lucky to get a few k for it. There are more interesting cards to get from other IPs at few k. The seller paid 11k previously for it.

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