RIP: Cards that "Got Away"

PSA 10 WHF Pikachu 1997. Won on auction for $305. Never paid bc I was going through a breakup and took most of my time and money moving her out and cancelling so many things. Thought I’d get it again at that price and was wrong


In 2022 I was in the market for a first edition PSA 9 Shining Charizard and went to collect-a-con to search for it.

The day before collect-a-con DA Card World listed one for a fair price. Instead of jumping on it I decided I’d try my luck making a cash deal at collect-a-con then if that failed id just buy the one listed online.

Anywho, I wasn’t able to find one at the convention and right when I got back to my hotel room I attempted to buy the one listed online but it had already sold.


Did you ever end up getting one?

Nope. I ended up purchasing a PSA 9 First Edition Blaine’s Charizard and a PSA 10 First Edition Dark Charizard Holo about a week later which scratched my zard itch for the time being.

I still plan to pick it up someday but it’s not my top priority right now.