Request ex series codes - Full list of codes added!

I’ll have to get back to this at another time. I think the one I had listed was the only emerald trainer I had left.

That is okay, I’ll just research them later tonight or tomorrow.

Big update! Only a handful left to add!

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The full list has been added to the first post. Use it for your collection purposes or whatever else you may need it for. There are still some missing codes and plenty of errors, but those will be fixed as I get more info in. Remember, we would love high quality scans for these codes if you can make them. Please PM me if you wish to create scans and I will give you the guidelines for the scans. Thanks!

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Great work! I’ll keep my on the missing ones and keep looking for errors. Thanks!

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Feel free to add that link to your thread. Maybe we can consolidate the threads since you have good information in them too.

I have the same info, since I’ve been sending you every code and correction I found. I’ll be posting here the corrections or new codes from now on.

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I found a new code from EX Delta Species:

102/113 Switch 3UJ-3N5-46N

Since it’s common, there’s probably a third code for that card. The same should apply to 101/113 Potion.

I added that in, thanks for checking!

Note my listing and not my scan this is simply for the code, it is no where near a usable scan for a database

Sandstorm - Illumise 38/100 Rev Holo
Code - 8A0-9BG-E8B

Here is another

Sandstorm - Wally’s Training - 89/100 Rev Holo
Code - XS6-C56-EFH

Edit once again read the rules and removed the ebay links, i pulled the images and put them on my drop box for you

Again i have images but they are not great however the code is readable, drop me a message if you want them

Rev Holo
Energy Charge - WNU-MTE-7H1
Meteor Falls - 3UT-CTE-E8B
Space Center - 9VJ-62Y-QWN
Strength Charm - 2EM-T86-83A
Heal Energy - R2K-YU0-M9G
Scramble Energy - P0F-NGA-76Z

FireRed LeafGreen
Great Ball - P3X-8V9-JL6

Been a while since I’ve thought about these, but some collectors have been asking and I realize we still don’t have Japanese codes. If anyone is interested in helping with Japanese sets, please let me know! I’d also like to do a deeper dive in the other languages to see what special differences there are.


I can note down my codes for Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff for the Japanese EX TRR set. Also wouldn’t mind helping out with research/trying to find the code variants for some cards. I enjoy the process of trawling through pictures.

Great resource, by the way!

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That would be great! I appreciate the kind words, but I didn’t do most of this work. I will have to create new sheets for all the Japanese cards, so when I’m at a computer I’ll start working on that.

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I think this resource is too hidden. Would it be okay if I moved it out of Google sheets and into a table on the forum?


Absolutely! The more eyes the better!


I’ll make a list of all the Japanese EX era cards with codes I own when I have some time. I have a list of all my cards (including all Pikachu of course), so that should be a pretty good start. :slight_smile:


it took quite a bit of work but here it is.

I noticed that promo and pop series codes are missing. Something that will have to be worked on

Great, thanks! I’m going to work on Japanese and then I’ll look into the promos. Those are probably pretty easy and likely don’t have more than a single code per card, but I’m not sure. I’ll do a spreadsheet for Japanese and post that when the formatting is ready so people can join in adding codes if they’d like.

I’ll also see if I can find anymore differences in the other languages, other than the few that are already known

If I recall correctly, promotional prints (Black Star, POP, and others) only had a single code. Considering the original intended use of the codes, this makes sense; the cards with multiple codes were the lower rarity (Common, Uncommon) ones from booster product, i.e. cards you would get a number of duplicates of by opening booster packs. Higher rarity booster pack cards (Reverse Holo and up) and promotional cards had only a single code, because you were unlikely or unable to obtain more than one copy.

do we know what that is?