What are the other words for this ?! :

I can’t see the word REPLICA on the cards :wink:

And they are sold and come back on the market still without the word REPLICA !

Is there any clear indicator that identifies the card as replica? If not, then the term you are looking for is “fake”, even if it’s being sold as replica.


report them. selling replicas are a violation of ebay’s terms of service.


Seller is obviously aware of the game, as he sells a bunch of older Pokemon cards as well.

He is trying to get by as if his reprints are like someone doing an alter of a card. He uses real cards for the backs and manufactures reprints of the artwork for expensive and rare cards. His “replica” cards are not holofoil where many of the originals are, so he may think that gets him off the hook. But he cannot reprint exact or near exact art which is owned by both the artist and by the legal entities that own rights to the game.

reported for trade mark violations. Sucks but i guess it was bound to happen, it happens in magic with glued backs and cut cards.

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Another word would be proxy I guess.

If you are doing a third-party proxy you can’t use trademark art or trademark (or copyrighted) elements of the game.

replica=fake=counterfeit=custom made

It looks like he does print them as foils, no?

Synonyms for replica include: proxy, counterfeit, fake, custom made, hand made, orica (abbreviation for original card), knockoff. And I’ve seen each and every one of these terms used with eBay auctions…

Every single one of those things is illegal if it resembles a Pokémon card due to copyright laws, and counterfeits/replicas are especially illegal since it’s just a cheap 1-on-1 copy of an existing card. Unfortunately, neither eBay nor TCP/TCPi gives a shit, so these counterfeits are free to roam and spread… I don’t even want to know how many posts we’re going to see in the future about grownup kids that ask about their childhood collection (of today), containing numerous of cheap Chinese EX/GX knockoffs… I know a few hundred thousands USD loss due to parents buying these fakes instead of real products isn’t much for The Pokémon Company, but regardless they should care about the future if this continues or even worsens. :angry:



I think its just the printing. I do not think it has the foil layer and will not shine if you look at it in person.

Did the same. Let’s see Ebay turnaround time :sunglasses: