Removing cards from PSA slabs

Where do you stand on this?

I recently bought some PSA 8 cards (Shadowless Blastoise, 1st Ed Zapdos, 1st Ed Alakazam) with the intentions of taking them out of the slabs to put in my binder collection.

I was also thinking of taking my 1st Ed Neo Discovery Umbreon and 1st Ed Dark Charizard (both PSA 9’s) out as I had a change of heart from when I bought them and was going to sell them, but I actually need them both in my binder.

I wouldn’t take the PSA 9s out at all. If it’s a question of compulsion to have the binder ‘complete’ then imo you’d be better off finding non graded replacements and buying them. But that’s just my 2 cents.

Taking cards out of PSA slabs isn’t really frowned upon here, it’s just a lot more difficult to take them out now than it used to be because it’s a lot easy to damage the cards in the busting process.

I seem to remember someone doing a video on how to bust the new ones, so maybe someone else remembers a link/location for it.


I wouldn’t take them out just to take them out. Removing a PSA 9 will decrease the value a lot, and you’re better off selling the PSA 9 and buying a new one. Taking out a PSA 8 won’t really damage the value, but the risk of damaging the card is still there. @hisoka107 has also made a video about removing cards from the slabs. The Charizard Authority has as well.

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I decided that the price difference was too marginal to really worry about and took out the Dark Charizard. May keep the Umbreon for now and try to get an ungraded one since I really like that artwork.

Be sure to send the label back to PSA (PO BOX 6180, Newport Beach CA 92658) so they can remove that card from the population report to keep it accurate.


Great advice…well done brother:)

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I can confirm it’s a terrible idea. Ripped my Umbreon. Doh! Wont be doing that again…


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Please form an orderly queue and do what needs to be done. No apples.


Sent in a Mew Ex from LT and an Mew Gold Star - got 8.5 and 8. Broke them out and resent them in to get a 9 and a 10.

The Mew from LT I realize was not worth the break out, but I did so since it was a 8.5, which is annoying. The Mew Gold Star got a bad grade and it definitely paid off. I have videos on my Youtube on how to break the new and old ones quickly and safely(imo haha).


I’d be interested in seeing how they jumped to a ten. Am I correct in thinking a 10 cannot have ANY whitening on the back at all?

I only own one 10 from the older cards, but its in my buddy’s safe in USA so I can’t check it!

PSA 10 can have minor whitening on back ( or minor silvering on front ). I guess it’s up to who is grading your cards at psa, they are really forgiving sometimes. :blush:

Not with me apparentiy :frowning: