ReganRampages Prerelease Collection Journey and Stuff

Close up of the cny promo i received from Bingbong through the chain letter. I really love it. Going to be on the hunt for his counterpart.
I edited my gallery in the op so its a slide show and semi in order. Its come a long way since weve began and for those keeping up im so grateful for you guys! Im waiting to share the rest once pages are complete but its really close now. I have all the sets at least started with the exception of 2 and most are just missing one or two to finish!

Just look at that lovely pikachu stamp on there! This is one of my first traditional chinese cards and a stamped promo to boot :raised_hands:


Not really a priority but ive been trying to snag cheap prerelease psa 10s. I only have 2 but this will make 3. I really dont know where its going to go but im going to buy a case that holds 64. I think it would be cool to have a prerelease collection in 10s but i have a lot of side projects. If any has some theyd want to part with it feel free to reach out. Recommendations on a lock box? I want one that has dividers for each slab, and padded all around but metal.


Op has been updated, cleaned up a bit, and slideshowed.
I have exactly 40 cards left to go after today.


Holy fudge you guys mail day updates are going to be awesome. I have 78 sets completed. 78. Haha! I anticipated to only have 3 cards left and its complete, but, life and stuff, so we actually have 7 or 8 to go and we are done with all the non staff versions! I never thought id get so close to being done. Anyway stay tuned :point_right::point_right::point_right:


78 is insane haha. Congrats mate, looking forward to seeing mail day arrivals.


So heres the link to the bulbapedia page i use for my prerelease list. Didnt think anyone would be interested but im more than happy to share as well as point you in the right direction for singles. A huge chunk of the list is under 10 usd a card. And there are only 4 that go over 100. (Not including the staff variants.) Any questions just ask! Im prepping a big post for when its finished with the process and a q and a type thing


Well folks we are so close to having a complete prerelease promo set. Heres what its looking like after mail day, ill share the black and white/xy/hgss stuff when the rest of the mail arrives. Ive updated the original posts photos and the list of prerelease sets finished.

Im really glad i decided to sort by release it looks amazing.



Well i finally got the regular version but i was kind of hoping theyd make the same mistake twice :sweat_smile:


You know, I like how colorful your Prerelease pages look. :smiley:
I’m so used to my own Pikachu/Seviper binders, where almost all cards are the same Pokémon Type (Lightning and some Metal here and there for Pikachu, and Grass; Psychic; and Darkness for the Poison-subtype Pokémon transitioning over time).

Best of luck continuing your collection goal(s)!



Ah thanks dude! And alot of you guys have me considering a species binder of my own. Im most likely going to start a Garbodor binder. I really enjoy checking out yours and others stuff, really well put together.


Really love these two and the rainbow is just :pinched_fingers: