ReganRampages Complete Prerelease Promo Set and Stuff

Closeup of the kingdra because its stunning.


Its not much, Yet. Really excited to fill this. Hopefully i end up needing a second one next year. Only going to have one that isnt a 10 in there. But its really special so it stays. All prerelease with the exeption of bagon.


That’s awesome mate. You may be the first person to ever have a case of prerelease slabs, once completed! I’ll have to look into one of these once more progress is made on the expedition set.


Thank you so much. That would be cool. Kind of aiming to have one of the best prerelease collections out there lol and yeah i love it. Kinda have to restrain myself from opening and closing it constantly :upside_down_face:


If e4 is a good barometer of top collectors I’d say you’re likely in the top 1-5% of prerelease collectors already, if not the top.

Show no restraint mate. Cards are meant to be admired and if the slabs get a little crusty you can always whip out the plastx.




Youre the best :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Messing around with a flashlight trying to see if i can get some better holo pictures


Oil spill ones look good

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Little update on the “Prerelease Treasure Chest” got a long way to go. All 10s with the exception of clefable. Anyway heres an updated picture. Spaced out in anticipation of set completion. At least for the ones i know that are easily obtainable. I have 5 on the way, got a good deal on most of them. Notes on the case after using a while. I prefer the fitted sleeves on the graded cards, its tighter. Idk maybe im over thinking but i feel like it could be better quality. Heavier almost. Only problem with other cases is i cant find a metal one with dividers like this. Armor tek is close but its plastic. Anyway my two cents.


The armaldo arrived today and it looks better than i anticipated. There are a total of 3 swirls on there but the light wont let me get them all. Ill mess around with it another time and see what happens. 3 more coming, but my wedding anniversary is coming up so it will be a while before i post any updates after that.