Ref check on myself

I’m selling some stuff to a fellow collector and it’s through paypal goods/services (not ebay)(that person will still have buyer protection).

That person wants a ref check since it’s a high amount.

@funmonkey54 @smpratte @bluey @angryarcanine @xtubby @pokemontrader @mkpokecc @bagoly14 @garyis2000 @daelum @japanime @cbd1235

My pokegym ref

and my ebay refs are on my signature

Please comment below!


Totally reliable.

I just bought from him myself :grin:

+4 - 3 on pokegym and here as well.
Amazing individual. 100% would trust with my collection.

At least a +1. Bought from you a couple times, 100% reliable and was a satisfying outcome.


-1 stole my Charizard on the playground then threatened me with his big brother.

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