Really long Ebay return time

How’s it going everybody? I hope everyone’s having a swell day! This is not Pokemon related but it is eBay related which everyone here has plenty of experience with. I bought a cell phone from someone off of eBay and ended up having to return it. I didn’t have any hassles with the guy and he immediately gave me the refund upon its return. He issued me the refund almost 3 weeks ago now, but I still not got my money back into my account yet! I got an email from eBay on the 24th of June saying that my return has been sent and it should be in my PayPal by the 28th of June. The 28th came and went so I called PayPal and they said that it should be in there by the 3rd of July, which it did not. Has anyone else experienced a wait this long in getting return? Is this normal? I guess I’ll call eBay and see what the deal is next

That really sucks. It’s not just the problem with the purchase, but now all the hassle and time it takes to correct it:(

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Escalate the claim with ebay.

I had it happen to me and the money was done the next day.

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I called ebay and they said its PayPals problem… ebay sent me some email of I’m not really sure what hah. I could hardly understand the lady I spoke with

I had the same problem with a custom painted pokemon themed xbox 360 I bought and returned last year. It took paypal about a month to put the funds back into my account. Ebay wasn’t any help through the process and they essentially told me the same thing they told you when I talked to them. Really frustrating but you got to play the waiting game lol