Re-sleeve or not to re-sleeve?

I’ve got some Japanese CD Promo cards that I unfortunately sleeved in perfect fits about a year back. My question is this: do I run the gambit and try to re-sleeve them, potentially damaging gem mint contenders? Or is my risk greater submitting them to PSA as is? If this was an english card with its thicker cardstock, I would take the time to carefully cut it out, but japanese cards aren’t as constricted in those perfect fits… Thoughts?

I would take it out myself.

If you send it to PSA and it doesn’t come back graded as Gem Mint, are you going to question whether or not it was damaged by the grader removing it from the sleeve?


Take out before sending to PSA. Practice on lower value cards with the same sleeve first


@Gus, Now that’s a solid point, thank you. Will change sleeves tomorrow. If you see reports of thunderous cursing and yelling heard throughout California and neighboring states, you know I goobered it up lol

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@qwachansey, I’ve got an exact knife and some very small sharp scissors for facial hair. Any advice as to cutting it out, or just removing normally, and with great care? I’ve seen the videos posted on these forums about un-sleeving perfect fits, but I would like to know your thoughts as well!

Scissors?!? Knife?!? Agh! I just remove mine like a regular sleeve, but I’ve used perfect fits for many years, so I am used to them. I apply light pressure with one finger downwards on the card then pull out while lifting the sleeve up.


I second this; keep sharp objects as far away as possible from collectibles. :grin:

Relax, take a deep breath and take your time. You got this!

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If you sleeved it with the opening at the bottom you can do the following: stick the inner sleeve into a penny sleeve halfway, push on the top of the inner sleeve while holding onto the inner sleeve so the card transfers into the penny sleeve a bit. hold the card where it sits in the penny sleeve, and pull on the empty part of the inner sleeve. Voila, you have your card transfered without any risk of catching the edge on a sleeve.

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Let me take this opportunity to say that I hate perfect fit sleeves. Good luck

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So simple, so genius. I’ll be doing this from now on. This is why you make the big bucks!

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