Ranking all Eevee Heroes

100% agree, Flareon V is one of the best alt arts in general. Although the Vaporeon and Jolteon V are both pretty good as well.



Really like the Espeon V art; but these are all pretty nice cards to look at. Jolteon VMax feels a bit derpy but I think all of these fell in the 7-9 range with the one 10 exception for me

Espeon V and Vmax, Glaceon V ! Flareon and Vaporeon V is nice too.

Vmax :

V :


Whats crazy is i dont think theres a single repeat artist in this mini set(?) yet it flows so well from art to art

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Considering both texture and art, Jolteon Vmax (Japanese) is the best card out of the SwSh era, with Moonbreon second.

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I want to see at least 100 votes before results

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Bumping your bump because I want results. I haven’t been outraged once today so looking for something minor to fixate on.


-6 votes, come on !


Jolteon or bust

Will we have the result soon? Curious about what would be the ranking

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Some of my fav special arts out of all of SwSh. Definitely worth a master set. What this poll doesn’t display is the incredible texture of them which may skew results. Just from an art standpoint I prefer the Vaporeon ones (despite being a Flareon fan) because of the use of cool colors and water.


Leafeon vmax and Sylveon vmax still at 99 votes

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