Ranking all Eevee Heroes

100% agree, Flareon V is one of the best alt arts in general. Although the Vaporeon and Jolteon V are both pretty good as well.


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My favourite is Jolteon V.

Really like the Espeon V art; but these are all pretty nice cards to look at. Jolteon VMax feels a bit derpy but I think all of these fell in the 7-9 range with the one 10 exception for me

Espeon V and Vmax, Glaceon V ! Flareon and Vaporeon V is nice too.

Vmax :

V :


Whats crazy is i dont think theres a single repeat artist in this mini set(?) yet it flows so well from art to art

Considering both texture and art, Jolteon Vmax (Japanese) is the best card out of the SwSh era, with Moonbreon second.

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I want to see at least 100 votes before results