PTC's Collection!- Added Wotc Booster Box!

:grin: Welcome to my collection thread, I hope you all enjoy my collection! :grin:

I will try to keep this thread up to date as time goes by! I will start by showing the latest sets I am working on: Shining Pokemon!!!

~1st Picture ~
The old school Shining Pokemon plus bonus Coro Coro Shining Mew and Gold star Mew! Got 2 more coming in hopefully by Monday! :sunglasses:

~ 2nd Picture ~
Shining Legends shining Pokemon collection - Lagging on this set a bit but here is what it is so far! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice show and tell! Love the Shining collection!

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What a great start. The Shining cards are an awesome set and the shining Mewtwo is one of my favourite cards. It just looks so badass!

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@jbcollectibles Thanks! :grin:

@spinch Thanks! I agree Shining Mewtwo is badass! One thing I really love about all the Shining Pokemon’s are their artwork!

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Small update: I got 2 more PSA Shining Pokemons :grin:

  • PSA 9 Shining Raichu: Thanks to an awesome e4 member @ssjc
  • PSA 9 Shining Celebi

Still got few more to collect!


Great progress! Very jealous if I am honest haha I love the shinies but they aren’t kind to the wallet :blush: .

Can’t wait to see what you pickup next!

@ jdlawr03 Thank you! Yeah most of these cards do kill my wallet lol. But I kinda spread out my purchases so my wallet endures a slow death. :grin: Shining Legend shinys are a great place to start as they are kinda cheap at the moment except Mew and Celebi!

Got back from my trip to Costa Rica and opened up some purchases i made before the trip!

This purchase is a bit unique since it is not related to my Shining Pokemon collection! Two 1st Edition non holo error Dragonites! I plan to get these guys graded with my new PSA membership! I got some new shining Pokemons to post soon also!

2x Dark Dragonite - Non Holo Error


Added 2 more PSA Graded Shining Pokemon to my collection this week with few fpo pokemon purchases thanks to some ebay bucks!

  • Left Pic: PSA 9 Shining Steelix :
    Really happy I manage to get him! Looks solid! :grin:

  • Right Pic: PSA 9 Shining Kabutops :
    This guy is a bit of a odd ball for a PSA 9. Upon closer inspection, this cards front and especially the back, appears to have some light play wear symptoms. But I guess I can live with it for now!


One of my long term goal is to collect PSA 1st edition Base Set holos! I am trying to get them all PSA 8 or higher! So far I have about half the set and thought I would share my progress here!

This has been in work in progress since January 2017! I have been lucky enough to snag the big three before the huge price jump! I plan to slowly finish the rest of the set by the end of the year! :grin:

:grin: My personal favorites are Blastoise, Raichu, Machamp, and Charizard! :grin:



Last week was a great week! I managed to pick up a japanese and english tournament promo!
Left: Mysterious Pearl! A Huge thanks to @aetsen :grin:
Right: 2009 Tropical wind promo!


Very nice!! Overall nice collection you have going :blush: I love the mysterious pearl! I ordered one for myself last month and it has been hit with numerous delays. 34 days and counting. Anyway, beautiful additions!


Oh man, that was the same tropical wind that the guy refused to ship to me last time, if you remember @ptccards :wink:

Glad you got it :blush:

I guess he realized he cannot get the prices he wanted for them and when he relisted them on auctions…he got wrecked.

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Thank you! :grin: I hope your comes in soon! Thats a huge delay!

Oh man I didn’t realize it was from the same seller! Apparently the seller had listed like 4 or 5 of those (different language versions) via auction. Only problem was that the seller made all of them end at the same time so the non-english ones ended around 10$ i believe, and I think the seller as a result might have taken a larger loss.

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It’s funny because I paid even more than what he got for those auctions…so I guess he got bitten back by karma.

I’m very happy though the card got into your hands! At least a rare card went to a rightful owner :blush:


Haha thanks, if you havent found one yet I hope you find one soon! Yeah this card made me really happy!

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Psa 9: Grand Party accompanied by the Legendary Birds from the Japanese Red/Green Gift set! :grin:
I am really digging the artwork for all four cards, and glad I had the opportunity to get them all together!