PSA serial numbers

Hello so I am having some problems with PSA… I recently got a card back I sent in a fast submission for someone. I was contacted by the person saying that the serial number doesn’t match up the new ones. Has this happened to anyone before?

Can you explain a little further mate?


The way you’ve phrased this question is quite confusing.
Do you mean if you enter the serial number into the database it comes up different that the labels information? If so, how different?

Yeah it’s confusing I didn’t understand either at first but pretty much what he means is that his serial number Is older than rhe numbers that had been assigned to others cards recently… Does that make sense? I called PSA but the guy I spoke to didn’t really understand what I was saying so I need to speak to them again preferably someone different

Stephy, please explain the entire situation with as much detail as you can. It’s not the situation we don’t understand, it’s what you are saying is only half of the story mate :wink:

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It may be a possibility that someone cracked a older case and sent the label back to PSA for that item to be taken off the pop report so that old number might have been recycled.

I get it. The issue here is that the serial number that was assigned to his card doesn’t seem to be current, as in the card was assigned a serial number that doesn’t match up with the 245…s that are being given out. I have some info that might help:

  1. Serial numbers are assigned to cards upon arrival and processing, not grading or encapsulation*.* So a card sent in for a 50-day submission could be received back with a serial number up to two months behind what current cards are receiving. Alternatively, a card could be sent in on a faster track and received back before a 50-day submission, but have a cert number after the 50-day cards.

  2. Reviews and re-encapsulations keep the same certification number. If your guy sent in an older card as a review or to be reslabbed, the card would keep its original (old) cert number.

  3. A serial number is a serial number. Why exactly is he mad if the serial number isn’t new? As long as it matches up with the card in the PSA database, who cares?

The card he sent in was raw. And it came back with a serial number that was older than the other serial numbers in the submission.

Also older than the serial number than I card I had sold him previously.

Two psa 10 versions of the card have been slabbed since then as well, which is curious.

Was it swapped? Surely the grading report can confirm?

Yes the card was sent Raw and it was minty with no edge wear whatsoever however when it got back it came back with damage based on what the person is telling me they say this isnt their card. Pretty much in other words the guy is doubtful and is not trusting me at all so I now have this problem with no idea how to resolve and PSA isnt being helpful

It was a fast submission of only ONE card because the person missed the deadline so I waited and sent it in another package that consisted of a 50 day submission + 2 cards to have labels fix (to save on shipping)

What is the card in question? What grade did it get?

Do you own a copy of the card a customer graded?

Can you show a picture of the grading report?

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I am puzzled as to why the card @stephychu025 sent back to me has a serial number, 24714316, which is 231,124 numbers lower than some of the serial numbers of cards she got graded the same month. I even bought the exact same card, 2015 Pokemon XY Full Art/M Rayquaza EX Ancient Origins, from @rayquazatcg a couple months ago and my serial number on my new card is 32,098 numbers lower than the card @rayquazatcg sent to me. He even graded that card himself months ago. Something just doesnt add up. .

I agree with @ozenigma here. As long as @chinpokemon can provide a screenshot of the grade report showing the card in question along with the rest of the order, everything should be fine.


That is what I am hoping to see. A full picture of the grade report(s), not just a pic of just the cards she graded for herself. I would like to see all of the orders she sent in. I really do not understand how my card I had sent in to her got such an old serial number, Ive never had any cards come back from PSA that have had that big of a difference in the serial numbers. .


All of my cards (only 300 odd) have all come back with sequential numbers.

@xjcrazyx what grade did your card get? Can you show us a picture of the card?

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It does sound interesting that there’s such a difference. PIC!. Also welcome to the forum!

This is the card I received from @stephychu025 i believe on Saturday 11-14-15. Thank you for the welcoming


Interesting. There are 2 PSA 10s of this card for anyone interested. Sill waiting on that grade report screenshot Steph! Shouldn’t be overly difficult.