PSA’s National Card Grading Competition

Well this is interesting…

July 31 – August 3, 2019 - National Sports Collectors Convention

Show us your skills and you could win cash! Join us at the PSA booth (# 1436) to test your grading skills on 25 encapsulated vintage and modern trading cards.

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I’d love to see complete results of all the contestants afterwards in a spreadsheet. Would be interesting if they had their own graders go through it too. Definitely imperfect that the cards are slabbed but obviously they can’t have loads of people handling the same raw cards.

XD let ME bring 25 PSA graded cards for them to guess the grade of, I’m sure I could give them a run for their money and some fair disappointment…

“A $20 non-refundable entry fee is required to participate.”

PSA. Are you serious?


What’s the issue with this? They are paying the winner $1k, not to mention the merch for the runner-ups. Seems reasonable.


I hope you’re not one of those raffle suckers cause if so, I’ll never get through to you. But let’s try.
You said, “They are paying the winner $1k“
“They” are NOT paying 1000.00. YOU are paying the 1000.00. “They” are giving up nothing but the chance at 2 memberships and backpacks for your 20.00.
My point is, to PSA 1000.00 is negligible. Can they afford it? Let’s see.

I’m invested in them so let’s get that out of the way. After reading this, decide for yourself if PSA is being a little cheap and near sighted.

A record revenue amount of $52.7 million in the last nine months included a $3.7 million or 24% increase in cards and autograph revenues. A 24% increase from us.

I stand by what I said. If PSA runs a contest with an obviously paltry prize, PUT IT UP YOURSELF😡


I most certainly am not a raffler, those things anger me and ruin the hobbie.

I was just intrigued as to what angle you thought they were wrong to charge for the privilege. And to be honest, I completely agree. 1k out of there pocket would be chump change.

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@djgigabyte, Didn’t think I equated the two. Certainly didn’t mean to. Psa’s new idea is MUCH worse lol.

Still though, PSA charging 20.00 to support a meager prize is the sad result of an ignorant decision.


@garyis2000 I mean the $20 fee is just IMO to limit the demand side of the equation for something that they have a limited supply of.

If they proposed a free entry into a competition with a $1,000 prize they would be inundated with a higher number of submissions than they could handle. It’d ruin the overall experience for many and so they are charging $20 a head to enter. If the market could bear it hell I’d say charge $50. This is for the same reason I am one of the few to deride PSA for their quarterly specials that they continue when they can’t keep up with their queue which is just dumb as hell when if anything they should just raise prices 20%+ across the board.