Psa return postage to uk

Hi guys, I’m considering buying a psa membership for myself soon and I’m just trying to work out my total cost before doing so. For those that live in the UK do any of you have a rough idea of how much the return shipping would be on an order of 50 and an order of 100 cards? @cljdavis @dipzy @smpratte @garyis2000

For my 39 card order i was charged $70 for return shipping and $75 for a 47 card order :blush:
may possibly do 50 cards plus order soon which i’m guessing maybe be around these prices

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Ah that’s so much cheaper than what I was expecting which is always good.

All there buddy :blush:

I always work out before sending, hope that helps,

If unsure just send minimum of 60 cards too get the cheapest rate per card,

Ah I had no idea you could do that thanks!

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