PSA Re-Holder Help Needed - 1st Edition PSA 10 German Charizard

Hi everyone, I would like to get my 1st Edition Charizard PSA 10 Re-Holdered in a new PSA case. Can you recommend a service to do so? I am located in Germany and looking for a trusted middleman :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance

Sorry to ask, but a re-holder means sending it back to PSA and then putting a new case on it yes?

Dave and Adams provides middleman services to PSA from EU and seem to be very reliable. I had spoken to their associates at their booth at a Pokemon event in the Netherlands and they seemed like your standard middleman service for PSA grading services. They have a very good reputation.

Maybe @antoniogr can also give more insight since he probably has spoken to them.


Correct, useful for fixing cracked cases or if you just want the newer cases

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Isn’t it better and easier to send directly? I’m pretty sure you don’t need a membership for re-holdering. I have used collectable power as a middleman and never had a issue but they are UK based so probably not best for Germany in terms of import and export etc

I personally went in person to the UK and used The Sub Center (Former Dans Pokestop) for my big sub, regarding Dave and Adams I only heard that a friend didn’t receive manu updates during the process but everything was good a the end.

As far as i know Dave & Adams sadly does not currently support crossgrading. Would surprise me if they support reholders, but worth a try. Can recommend them aswell. My last submission with them was flawless

Thanks for all your replies! I will go with Dave & Adams and contact them! Appreciate your help a lot!

Out of curiosity, why do you want your card re-slabbed? Is your slab damaged or does it have an old PSA label style?

I would be nervous about sending this card in the mail twice, if not 4 times (with middle man) when you already have it in a 10 case.


I would be more nervous about PSA damaging the card during reencapsulation.



You can check with GCC, this is a french company and they’re now an official PSA Dealer.