PSA questions...

As a relatively new collector (excluding my childhood collection of course) I have a few new guy questions for you if you wouldn’t mind…

The first thing - i haven’t actually seen a PSA graded card in person yet (I’ll get my first ones when I return to the UK this Christmas)
The cards I have seen online - some seem to be in their sleeves? Does PSA sometimes leave them in the sleeves you send them in?

As I am grading for the first time, and they’re rare Chinese holos, I’d like them to come out uniform - not some nj sleeves and some not.

Eventually I am going for a PSA 9/10 collection of Chinese base set. I just want to know how likely is a pack fresh non holo going to get a PSA 10? Surely it’s very easy? I’m just wondering how many of each card I should send in.

It’s an expensive process to get a whole set graded. I know you can’t really answer this question as it depends on the cards - but they seem perfect to me. The holos- some of the pack fresh ‘mint’ have roller marks from printing press - so I have no idea how I’d ever get PSA 10 on these :frowning:

Thanks for any info.


PSA removes the cards from the sleeves you send them in before grading, and then places them in their holders. For some sets (I beleive YuGiOh cards) they will sleeve the card before putting it in the holder so it fits better. I have never seen any Pokemon cards with these sleeves. One thing I would make sure with is that PSA will actually grade your Chinese holos. I know they won’t grade most Korean cards, so I’d either check the set registry or give them a call to make sure they will grade them. Pack fresh cards are never a guaranteed PSA 10, but they are your best chance of getting a gem mint card. I don’t have any experience with Chinese cards so I can’t give you a percentage that will come out as 10s. It is pretty difficult to get any card in a PSA 10 though, which is why they sell for so much. Hope this helps!

You can buy the sleeves (Ultra Pro has some) for your PSA cases, if that’s what you’re referring to.

@guangjohto Like @patriotsfan117 said, you can purchase sleeves for your PSA graded cards online. PSA does not sleeve the graded cards themselves.

That appears to be one of @garyis2000 's custom sleeves that he used to sell. They fit tight to the card. Very nice, but not readily available except through him, and even then possibly no longer available. I bought mine a while ago so I don’t know.

I have hundreds of sleeves like this - buy them here in China all the time!

That’s not what I was referring to. See above.

@guangjohto What were you referring to again? Cards being sleeved in the PSA case or the case itself being sleeved? Both questions have been answered.

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I thought there was a sleeve around the PSA case itself.
If there isn’t, ignore what I was saying.

I assume by your response you just mean a penny sleeve or something equally non-unique.

Oh. I’m talking about the fact his card is sleeved within the case. I was going to say - I was so surprised when you said that it was in a unique sleeve haha!!

In the case.

They did it ages ago, they don’t do it anymore.

We read your original post, but there isn’t a sleeve clearly visible inside the case in that giant ass picture you posted, while it does look like there might be one around the PSA case itself. So it’s hardly absurd to assume you might also be asking about sleeves on the outside of the case.

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Actually PSA never left your sleeve on your card then encased them. During that limited time that Scott mentioned they used custom sleeves manufactured for PSA. Just couldn’t get them to not wrinkle.


Yep and I acknowledged that…I was confirming to the other posters who just kept asking!

Thanks Gary!

No idea about how large the picture is, using the tapatalk app. I said in my first post I was talking about a sleeve inside the case. Sorry to get you annoyed there.

Read it with a different tone. I wasn’t upset. lol.

I didn’t emphasize the size of the picture because it was inappropriate, just to show that in a large picture it still cannot be seen that there is a sleeve inside of the case. So it seemed pretty reasonable to assume there was a sleeve on the outside.

Cool beans. Thought it was pretty clear. Let’s put this thread to bed with a smacked bottom.