PSA grading - turn aroung time

So I have sent cards to PSA for the first time a few weeks back… I made Express because i wanted to have those rare cards back soon… the turn arount time for Express is 5 days… I received the grades after 7 working days. So I was wondering now what they do with our orders because the grading itself and encapsulating and so on doesnt take more than a day right?
Do they just let those packages in a vault for 5 days and then take them out to grade or what?

Thanks my friends :grin:

Well it goes through their standard process and depending on what service level you sent the item thats how they prioritise the package.

This is there grading process video - - YouTube

alright thanks…

another question for you guys:
does normal light from a lamp fade the cards that are in a psa case?

Nope normal light doesn’t have that ability the way sunlight does due to UV rays in the sun. Since the PSA case blocks almost all UV rays you’re pretty much guaranteed it won’t fade.

Aw great thanks a lot Jason!